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Melty Blood Trial Deck

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Melty Blood Trial Deck: 24 cards
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MB-S10-110 "New Tatari" Vampire Sion Character  PR  search
MB-S10-107 Akiha, True Lady Character  PR  search
MB-S10-T05 Arcueid, Princess of Shinso Character  TD  search
MB-S10-101 Arcueid, Pure Heart Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T01 Arcueid, Vampire Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T04 Arcuied Brunestud Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T13 Barrel Replica Climax  TD  search
MB-S10-111 Hisui, Order of the House Character  PR  search
MB-S10-106 Melty Blood Character  PR  search
MB-S10-T07 Miyako Arima Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T11 Miyako, Eight Extremities Fists Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T03 Ren Character  TD  search
MB-S10-102 Ren, Familiar Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T08 Riesbyfe Stridberg Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T06 Seventeen Cuts Climax  TD  search
MB-S10-103 Shall We Play Around for a While? Climax  TD  search
MB-S10-T02 Shiki Tohno Character  TD  search
MB-S10-108 Shion, Study of Knowledge Character  PR  search
MB-S10-104 Sion, Alchemist Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T09 Sion, Atlas Academy Resident Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T10 Sion, Vampire Character  TD  search
MB-S10-T12 Vampire Sion, Successor to TATARI Character  TD  search
MB-S10-109 White Len, Dream Manipulator Character  PR  search
MB-S10-105 White Ren, Familiar Character  TD  search

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