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Melty Blood Booster Pack

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Melty Blood Booster Pack: 116 cards
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MB-S10-039 "27 Dead Apostle Ancestors" Night of Wallachia / “二十七祖”ワラキアの夜 Character  search
MB-S10-085 "Back-Alley Alliance" Satsuki Character  search
MB-S10-030 "Back-Alley Alliance" Sion Character  search
MB-S10-080 "Chaos" Nrvnqsr Chaos Character  search
MB-S10-068 "Crimson Red Vermillion" Akiha / “紅赤朱”秋葉 Character  search
MB-S10-060 "Doctor Amber" Kohaku Character  search
MB-S10-089 "Heretic Hunter" Ciel Character  search
MB-S10-026 "Memory Partition" Sion Character  RR  search
MB-S10-094 "Miss Blue" Aoko Character  search
MB-S10-054 "Mixed Blood" Akiha / “混血”秋葉 Character  search
MB-S10-054R "Mixed Blood" Akiha / “混血”秋葉 Character  RRR  search
MB-S10-006 "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" Shiki / “直死の魔眼”志貴 Character  search
MB-S10-046 "New" Tatari / “新しい”タタリ Event  search
MB-S10-066 Akiha in Pajama Character  search
MB-S10-069 Akiha in Uniform Character  search
MB-S10-051 Akiha Tohno / 遠野 秋葉 Character  RR  search
MB-S10-058 Akiha, Head of the Tohno Household / 遠野家の当主 秋葉 Character  search
MB-S10-056 Akiha, Student of Asagami Private Girls Academy / 浅上女学院の生徒 秋葉 Character  search
MB-S10-056P Akiha, Student of Asagami Private Girls Academy / 浅上女学院の生徒 秋葉 Character  SP  search
MB-S10-087 Aoko, Destruction Specialized Magician Character  search
MB-S10-090 Aoko, Magician Character  search
MB-S10-079 Aoko, Successor of Fifth Magic / 第五魔法の継承者 青子 Character  search
MB-S10-079S Aoko, Successor of Fifth Magic / 第五魔法の継承者 青子 Character  SR  search
MB-S10-010 Arcueid Brunestud / アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッド Character  search
MB-S10-009 Arcueid, Blood-lusting Character  search
MB-S10-012 Arcueid, Princess of True Ancestors / 真祖の姫 アルクェイド Character  search
MB-S10-002 Arcueid, Royalty of True Ancestors Character  RR  search
MB-S10-002R Arcueid, Royalty of True Ancestors Character  RRR  search
MB-S10-018 Arcueid, True-Ancestor-Killer True Ancestor Character  search
MB-S10-004 Arcueid, Tyrant / 暴君 アルクェイド Character  search
MB-S10-004P Arcueid, Tyrant / 暴君 アルクェイド Character  SP  search
MB-S10-015 Arcueid, Vampire Character  search
MB-S10-049 Barrel Replica Climax  CC  search
MB-S10-097 Beast of 666 Event  search
MB-S10-005 Berserking Arcueid, Fallen True Ancestor Character  search
MB-S10-019 Berserking Arcuied Character  search
MB-S10-075 Bond of Sisters / 姉妹の絆 Climax  CC  search
MB-S10-047 By Your Hand... Event  search
MB-S10-021 Cat of the Universe Event  search
MB-S10-082 Ciel Character  search
MB-S10-082R Ciel Character  RRR  search
MB-S10-086 Ciel, Big Curry Lover Character  search
MB-S10-091 Ciel, Holy Scripture Holder Character  search
MB-S10-078 Ciel, No.7 of the Burial Agency Character  search
MB-S10-083 Ciel, Shiki's Senpai / 志貴の先輩 シエル Character  search
MB-S10-076 Ciel, User of Black Keys / 黒鍵の使い手 シエル Character  RR  search
MB-S10-076P Ciel, User of Black Keys / 黒鍵の使い手 シエル Character  SP  search
MB-S10-081 Ciel. Acting Executioner Character  search
MB-S10-074 Crimson Lord Ubiquitous Rebirth: Scarlet Flame Hammer Climax  CC  search
MB-S10-073 Crimson Lord: Origami / 赤主・檻髪 Climax  CR  search
MB-S10-073S Crimson Lord: Origami / 赤主・檻髪 Climax  SR  search
MB-S10-025 Dreams of Bubbles Climax  CC  search
MB-S10-025S Dreams of Bubbles Climax  SR  search
MB-S10-072 End of Dreams / 夢の終り Event  search
MB-S10-100 Extermination of Dead Apostles Climax  CC  search
MB-S10-050 For My Friend Climax  CC  search
MB-S10-062 G Akiha / G秋葉 Character  search
MB-S10-065 Hisui & Kohaku, Good Sisters Character  search
MB-S10-063 Hisui / 翡翠 Character  search
MB-S10-057 Hisui, Maid of the Tohno Household / 遠野家の使用人 翡翠 Character  search
MB-S10-057S Hisui, Maid of the Tohno Household / 遠野家の使用人 翡翠 Character  SR  search
MB-S10-052 Hisui, Maid who Loves Cleanliness Character  RR  search
MB-S10-067 Hisui, Shiki's Attendant Character  search
MB-S10-059 Hisui, Thinking of Big Sister Character  search
MB-S10-071 Humanities Master Plan Event  search
MB-S10-064 Kohaku & Hisui in China Dress Character  search
MB-S10-055 Kohaku, Cheerful Housekeeper / ほがらか家政婦さん 琥珀 Character  search
MB-S10-053 Kohaku, Japanese Apron Devil / 割烹着の悪魔 琥珀 Character  search
MB-S10-061 Kohaku, Maid of the Tohno Household / 遠野家の使用人 琥珀 Character  search
MB-S10-070 Kouma Kishima Character  search
MB-S10-023 Marble Phantasm Climax  CR  search
MB-S10-033 Mecha-Hisui Character  search
MB-S10-092 Michael Roa Valdamjong Character  search
MB-S10-040 Miyako Arima Character  search
MB-S10-036 Miyako, Eight Extremities Fists / 八極拳士 都古 Character  search
MB-S10-031 Miyako, Oldest Daughter of Arima Household Character  search
MB-S10-031S Miyako, Oldest Daughter of Arima Household Character  SR  search
MB-S10-034 Neko-Arc Character  search
MB-S10-093 Neko-Arc Chaos / ネコアルク・カオス Character  search
MB-S10-035 Night of Wallachia / ワラキアの夜 Character  search
MB-S10-095 Nrvnqsr Chaos Character  search
MB-S10-022 Pride of the Nanayas Event  search
MB-S10-098 Reality Marble: Depletion Garden Climax  CR  search
MB-S10-098S Reality MArble: Depletion Garden Climax  SR  search
MB-S10-017 Ren Character  search
MB-S10-003 Ren on a Certain Day / とある日のレン Character  search
MB-S10-014 Ren, Black Cat Character  search
MB-S10-011 Ren, Dream Demon Character  search
MB-S10-041 Riesbyfe Stridberg Character  search
MB-S10-029 Riesbyfe, Maiden of Holy Shield Character  search
MB-S10-027 Riesbyfe, Paladin Character  RR  search
MB-S10-043 Riesbyfe, Sion's Friend Character  search
MB-S10-045 Sand of Osiris Character  search
MB-S10-084 Satsuki Yumizuka Character  search
MB-S10-088 Satsuki, Newborn Unfortunate Vampire / 新米薄幸吸血鬼 さつき Character  search
MB-S10-077 Satsuki, Vampire for Justice Character  RR  search
MB-S10-024 Seventeen Cuts / 十七分割 Climax  CC  search
MB-S10-099 Seventh Holy Scripture Climax  CC  search
MB-S10-020 Shiki Nanaya Character  search
MB-S10-016 Shiki Tohno / 遠野 志貴 Character  search
MB-S10-007 Shiki, Adopted Son of Tohno Household / 遠野家の養子 志貴 Character  search
MB-S10-013 Shiki, Hating Rumors Character  search
MB-S10-028 Sion Eltnam Atlasia / シオン・エルトナム・アトラシア Character  search
MB-S10-028P Sion Eltnam Atlasia / シオン・エルトナム・アトラシア Character  SP  search
MB-S10-042 Sion, Atlas Academy Resident Character  search
MB-S10-038 Sion, Riesbyfe's Friend Character  search
MB-S10-032 Sion, Spiritual Hacker Character  search
MB-S10-032R Sion, Spiritual Hacker Character  RRR  search
MB-S10-044 Sion, Vampire Character  search
MB-S10-096 TATARI Returns Event  search
MB-S10-048 True Apocrypha Gamaliel Climax  CR  search
MB-S10-048S True Apocrypha Gamaliel Climax  SR  search
MB-S10-037 Vampire Sion, Successor to TATARI Character  search
MB-S10-008 White Ren / 白レン Character  search
MB-S10-001 White Ren, Fairy of the Snow Plains / 雪原の妖精 白レン Character  RR  search
MB-S10-001S White Ren, Fairy of the Snow Plains / 雪原の妖精 白レン Character  SR  search

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