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Index II & Railgun Booster Pack

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Index II & Railgun Booster Pack: 126 cards
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RG-W13-060 "Aero Hand" Kongou Character  search
ID-W13-116 "Black Wings" Accelerator / “黒い翼”一方通行 Character  PR  search
RG-W13-031 "Clairvoyance" Konori Character  search
ID-W13-076 "Dedicatus545" Index Character  RR  search
ID-W13-076R "Dedicatus545" Index Character  RRR  search
ID-W13-013 "Electrode Release" Accelerator Character  search
ID-W13-089 "Fortis931" Stiyl Character  search
RG-W13-034 "Level 2" Haruue Character  search
RG-W13-067 "Maid of Maids" Kongou Character  search
ID-W13-012 "Multi-Spy" Tsuchimikado Character  search
ID-W13-002 "Onee-Sama" Mikoto Character  RR  search
ID-W13-002R "Onee-Sama" Mikoto Character  RRR  search
ID-W13-080 "Route Disturbe" Orsola Aquinas Character  search
RG-W13-026 "Telepathy" Haruue Character  RR  search
RG-W13-026S "Telepathy" Haruue Character  SR  search
RG-W13-036 "Thermal Hand" Uiharu Character  search
ID-W13-001 Accelerator in the Underworld Character  RR  search
ID-W13-010 Accelerator, Change in Routine Character  search
ID-W13-015 Accelerator, Strongest Esper / 最強の能力者 一方通行 Character  search
ID-W13-084 Agnese Sanctis Character  search
ID-W13-085 Agnese, Wielder of Lotus Wand Character  search
ID-W13-019 Awaki Musujime Character  search
RG-W13-073 Battle on the Highway Climax  CR  search
RG-W13-047 Big Spider / ビッグスパイダー Event  search
ID-W13-025 Borrowed Goods Race Climax  CC  search
RG-W13-068 Dorm Supervisor Character  search
RG-W13-029 Erii Haruue / 春上 衿衣 Character  search
RG-W13-039 Haruue in Yukata Character  search
RG-W13-071 Hint Event  search
ID-W13-023 Imagine Breaker Climax  CR  search
ID-W13-078 Index in Cheerleading Outfit Character  search
ID-W13-091 Index in Swimsuits Character  search
ID-W13-121 Index, Childlike Body Type / 幼児体型 インデックス Character  PR  search
ID-W13-118 Index, Good Night /おやすみ インデックス Character  PR  search
ID-W13-082 Index, Incredible Sister Character  search
ID-W13-082S Index, Incredible Sister Character  SR  search
ID-W13-124 Index, Lively Lunch / 賑やかな昼餐 インデックス Character  PR  search
ID-W13-090 Index, Parasite of the Touma Household Character  search
ID-W13-083 Index, Walking Church Character  search
ID-W13-122 Index, Wants Many Things / 物欲しげなインデックス Character  PR  search
ID-W13-093 Itsuwa of Formerly Amakusa Catholics Character  search
ID-W13-120 Kanzaki in Swimsuits / 水着の神裂 Character  PR  search
ID-W13-087 Kanzaki, Former Amakusa Catholics Character  search
RG-W13-040 Kiyama, Brain Biologist Character  search
RG-W13-037 Kiyama, Teacher of Children Character  search
ID-W13-003 Komoe in Cheerleading Outfit Character  search
ID-W13-003S Komoe in Cheerleading Outfit Character  SR  search
RG-W13-045 Konori, Leather Jacket Full of Memories Character  search
RG-W13-064 Kuroko by the Water Character  search
RG-W13-070 Kuroko in Yukata Character  search
RG-W13-061 Kuroko, 177th Branch Character  search
RG-W13-059 Kuroko, Admiration for Onee-Sama / お姉さまへの憧れ 黒子 Character  search
ID-W13-021 Kuroko, Dutiful 7th Grader Character  search
RG-W13-057 Kuroko, Modern Girl Character  search
ID-W13-004 Kuroko, Onee-Sama's Herald / お姉さまの露払い 黒子 Character  search
ID-W13-004SP Kuroko, Onee-Sama's Herald / お姉さまの露払い 黒子 Character  SP  search
RG-W13-065 Kuroko, Recorder Character  search
RG-W13-056 Kuroko, Tokiwadai's Lady / 常盤台のお嬢様 黒子 Character  search
RG-W13-056R Kuroko, Tokiwadai's Lady / 常盤台のお嬢様 黒子 Character  RRR  search
ID-W13-009 Last Order, Mischievous Child Character  search
ID-W13-018 Last Order, Sisters' Controller Character  search
ID-W13-092 Laura Stuart Character  search
ID-W13-008 Maika, Maid Candidate Character  search
ID-W13-097 Meaning of Cross / 十字架の意味 Event  search
RG-W13-052 Mikoto & Kuroko, Under One Roof / 一つ屋根の下 美琴&黒子 Character  RR  search
RG-W13-052S Mikoto & Kuroko, Under One Roof / 一つ屋根の下 美琴&黒子 Character  SR  search
RG-W13-066 Mikoto in Dress Character  search
RG-W13-062 Mikoto in Pajamas / パジャマの美琴 Character  search
RG-W13-063 Mikoto in Yukata Character  search
RG-W13-054 Mikoto, Embodiment of Justice Character  search
RG-W13-055 Mikoto, Girl Who Doesn't Like to Lose / 勝気な女の子 美琴 Character  search
RG-W13-055SP Mikoto, Girl Who Doesn't Like to Lose / 勝気な女の子 美琴 Character  SP  search
ID-W13-115 Mikoto, Refreshed Feeling / さっぱりした気性 美琴 Character  PR  search
RG-W13-053 Mikoto, School Life Character  search
RG-W13-051 Mikoto, Self-Confidence with Support Character  RR  search
RG-W13-051R Mikoto, Self-Confidence with Support Character  RRR  search
RG-W13-058 Mikoto, Tokiwadai's Lady / 常盤台のお嬢様 美琴 Character  search
ID-W13-011 Mikoto, Unwilling to Lose Character  search
ID-W13-005 Misaka, Mikoto's Little Sister / 美琴の妹 ミサカ Character  search
ID-W13-014 Misuzu Misaka Character  search
ID-W13-098 Not a Big Deal? Climax  CR  search
RG-W13-072 Obsession Event  search
ID-W13-079 Orsola Aquinas / オルソラ=アクィナス Character  search
ID-W13-088 Orsola, Missionary to A Heretic State Character  search
ID-W13-095 Ouma Yamisaka Character  search
RG-W13-074 Railgun Climax  CC  search
ID-W13-022 Realistic Narrative Shock Event  search
ID-W13-086 Saiji Tatemiya / 建宮 斎字 Character  search
RG-W13-027 Saten by the Water / 水辺の佐天 Character  RR  search
RG-W13-027P Saten by the Water / 水辺の佐天 Character  SP  search
RG-W13-038 Saten in Yukata Character  search
RG-W13-035 Saten, Normal Girl Character  search
RG-W13-042 Saten, Surprise and Lowbrows Character  search
RG-W13-032 Saten, Uiharu's Classmate Character  search
RG-W13-049 Seeing Erii Again Climax  CC  search
ID-W13-016 Seiri Fukiyose Character  search
ID-W13-099 Sheol Fear Climax  CC  search
RG-W13-046 Someone's Watching Event  search
ID-W13-094 Stiyl, Rune Magician Character  search
ID-W13-024 Strongest Man in the Academy City Climax  CC  search
ID-W13-096 Temptation on the Stall Event  search
ID-W13-100 The Girl Who Eats A Lot Climax  CC  search
ID-W13-077 The Sister with Silver Hair and Blue Eyes Character  RR  search
ID-W13-077SP The Sister with Silver Hair and Blue Eyes / 銀髪碧眼のシスターさん Character  SP  search
RG-W13-069 Therestina Kihara Lifeline Character  search
ID-W13-119 Touma & Index, A Normal Scene / いつもの光景 当麻&インデックス Character  PR  search
ID-W13-081 Touma & Index, Always Merriful Character  search
ID-W13-081S Touma & Index, Always Merriful Character  SR  search
ID-W13-117 Touma, Confronting Threat / 脅威に立ち向かう当麻 Character  PR  search
ID-W13-020 Touma, High School Student in Academy City Character  search
ID-W13-006 Touma, Index' Protector Character  search
ID-W13-007 Touma, Man with A Special Right Hand / 異能の右手を持つ男 当麻 Character  search
ID-W13-007SP Touma, Man with A Special Right Hand / 異能の右手を持つ男 当麻 Character  SP  search
RG-W13-041 Tsuzuri Tessou Character  search
RG-W13-044 Uiharu & Saten, Good Classmates Character  search
RG-W13-030 Uiharu by the Water / 水辺の初春 Character  search
RG-W13-030S Uiharu by the Water / 水辺の初春 Character  SR  search
RG-W13-033 Uiharu in Yukata / 浴衣の初春 Character  search
RG-W13-043 Uiharu, Backup Role Character  search
RG-W13-028 Uiharu, Saten's Classmate / 佐天のクラスメイト 初春 Character  search
RG-W13-028SP Uiharu, Saten's Classmate / 佐天のクラスメイト 初春 Character  SP  search
RG-W13-075 Unexpected Alliance Climax  CC  search
ID-W13-017 Unlucky Touma Character  search
ID-W13-123 Vento of the Front / 前方のヴェント Character  PR  search
RG-W13-048 Welcome! Climax  CR  search
RG-W13-050 What I Can Do Climax  CC  search

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