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Index & Railgun Booster Pack

TIP Build your decks of cards and check those created by other expert players. Discuss the pros and cons of each deck, and rate them to select our Deck of the Week!
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Index & Railgun Booster Pack: 116 cards
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RG-W10-038 "Anti-Skill" Tessou Character  search
ID-W10-078 "Deep Blood" Himegami Character  search
ID-W10-004 "Delta Force" Touma Character  search
RG-W10-040 "Dummy Check" Jyuuhuku Character  search
ID-W10-002R "Esper" Accelerator Character  RRR  search
ID-W10-084 "Heaven Canceller" / “冥土帰し” Character  search
ID-W10-006 "Imagine Breaker" Touma / “幻想殺し”当麻 Character  search
ID-W10-006SP "Imagine Breaker" Touma / “幻想殺し”当麻 Character  SP  search
RG-W10-053 "Judgment" Kuroko Character  search
RG-W10-053S "Judgment" Kuroko Character  SR  search
RG-W10-037 "Judgment" Uiharu / “風紀委員”初春 Character  search
RG-W10-056 "Judgment?" Mikoto Character  search
RG-W10-029 "Level 0" Saten Character  search
RG-W10-029S "Level 0" Saten Character  SR  search
ID-W10-008 "Level 0" Touma Character  search
RG-W10-060 "Level 4" Kuroko Character  search
RG-W10-057 "Level 5" Mikoto Character  search
RG-W10-031 "Multiskill" Kiyama / “多才能力者”木山 Character  search
ID-W10-085 "Priestess" Kanzaki Character  search
RG-W10-051 "Railgun" Mikoto / “超電磁砲”美琴 Character  RR  search
RG-W10-051SP "Railgun" Mikoto / “超電磁砲”美琴 Character  SP  search
ID-W10-082 "Saint" Kanzaki Character  search
ID-W10-082S "Saint" Kanzaki Character  SR  search
RG-W10-052 "Teleporter" Kuroko Character  RR  search
RG-W10-052SP "Teleporter" Kuroko Character  SP  search
RG-W10-050 A Teacher's Obsession Climax  CC  search
RG-W10-073 Ability and Power Climax  CR  search
ID-W10-012 Accelerator Character  search
ID-W10-010 Accelerator, Strongest of the Academy City Character  search
RG-W10-067 Aggressive Kuroko Character  search
RG-W10-047 AIM Burst Event  search
ID-W10-094 Aisa Himegami Character  search
ID-W10-095 Aureolus Izzard, Forbidden Magician Character  search
RG-W10-041 Awatsuki, Swimming Club Character  search
RG-W10-058 Believes In Justice, Kuroko Character  search
RG-W10-049 Best Friends Climax  CC  search
ID-W10-016 Biribiri Middle Schooler Mikoto Character  search
RG-W10-072 Chaser~ Event  search
ID-W10-001 Childhood Memory Mikoto Character  RR  search
ID-W10-021 Dragon Strike Event  search
RG-W10-039 Harumi Kiyama Character  search
ID-W10-097 Healing Magic Event  search
ID-W10-080 Hyouka & Index Character  search
ID-W10-098 Index's Specialty Climax  CR  search
ID-W10-088 Index, Beast Girl Character  search
ID-W10-086 Index, Controller of Index Librorum Prohibitorum Character  search
ID-W10-092 Index, Hungry Sister Character  search
ID-W10-079 Index, Magic Book Library Character  search
ID-W10-079S Index, Magic Book Library Character  SR  search
ID-W10-076 Index, Mysterious Pure White Girl Character  RR  search
ID-W10-076SP Index, Mysterious Pure White Girl Character  SP  search
ID-W10-087 Index, Perfect Memory Character  search
ID-W10-077 Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum Character  RR  search
ID-W10-077R Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum Character  RRR  search
RG-W10-048 Judgment's Resolution Climax  CR  search
ID-W10-090 Kaori Kanzaki Character  search
RG-W10-028 Kazari Uiharu / 初春 飾利 Character  search
RG-W10-028R Kazari Uiharu / 初春 飾利 Character  RRR  search
RG-W10-042 Kiyama, Developer of Level Upper Character  search
ID-W10-005 Komoe Tsukuyomi / 月詠 小萌 Character  search
ID-W10-018 Komoe, Perfectly Child-Like Adult Teacher Character  search
RG-W10-030 Konori in Swimsuits Character  search
RG-W10-059 Kuroko Shirai Character  search
RG-W10-070 Kuroko, Mikoto's Partner Character  search
ID-W10-013 Kuroko, Mikoto's Roommate Character  search
ID-W10-007 Last Order, Administrator of Misaka Network / ミサカネットワークの管理者 打ち止め Character  search
ID-W10-007S Last Order, Administrator of Misaka Network / ミサカネットワークの管理者 打ち止め Character  SR  search
ID-W10-017 Last Order, Serial Number 20001 Character  search
ID-W10-100 Magician of Necessarius Climax  CC  search
ID-W10-015 Maika Tsuchimikado Character  search
ID-W10-022 Meeting / 待ち合わせ Event  search
RG-W10-044 Mii Konori Character  search
RG-W10-061 Mikoto & Kuroko in Swimsuits Character  search
RG-W10-055 Mikoto & Kuroko, Senpai and Kouhai / 先輩と後輩 美琴&黒子 Character  search
RG-W10-055R Mikoto & Kuroko, Senpai and Kouhai / 先輩と後輩 美琴&黒子 Character  RRR  search
RG-W10-054 Mikoto Misaka / 御坂 美琴 Character  search
RG-W10-054S Mikoto Misaka / 御坂 美琴 Character  SR  search
RG-W10-063 Mikoto, Ace of Tokiwadai Character  search
RG-W10-065 Mikoto, Electro Master Character  search
RG-W10-066 Mikoto, No. 3 of Academy City Character  search
RG-W10-062 Mikoto, Strongest and Invincible Electric Princess / “最強無敵の電撃姫”美琴 Character  search
ID-W10-023 Misaka Network Climax  CR  search
ID-W10-003 Misaka's Little Sister Character  search
ID-W10-003S Misaka's Little Sister Character  SR  search
ID-W10-020 Misaka, Clone No. 10032 Character  search
RG-W10-064 Mitsuko Kongou Character  search
ID-W10-019 Motoharu Tsuchimikado Character  search
RG-W10-069 Not Affected by Any Abilities, Touma Character  search
ID-W10-009 Original Mikoto Character  search
RG-W10-071 Pool Cleaning / プール掃除 Event  search
ID-W10-024 Power to Negate All Climax  CC  search
RG-W10-074 Railgun Climax  CC  search
RG-W10-033 Ruiko Saten Character  search
ID-W10-089 Sasha Kruezhev Character  search
RG-W10-045 Saten, "Level Upper" user Character  search
RG-W10-036 Saten, Uiharu's Dear Friend Character  search
ID-W10-091 Sherry Cromwell Character  search
ID-W10-083 Sister Index Character  search
ID-W10-014 Sisters / 妹達 Character  search
RG-W10-068 Skinship Mikoto & Kuroko Character  search
RG-W10-046 Skirt Lifting Event  search
ID-W10-096 Spell Intercept Event  search
ID-W10-099 St. George's Sanctuary Climax  CC  search
ID-W10-093 Stiyl Magnus Character  search
ID-W10-081 Stiyl, Prodigy Magician Character  search
ID-W10-025 Strongest Enemy in Academy City Climax  CC  search
ID-W10-011 Touma Kamijou Character  search
RG-W10-032 Uiharu & Saten Character  search
RG-W10-032S Uiharu & Saten Character  SR  search
RG-W10-027 Uiharu in Swimsuits / 水着の初春 Character  RR  search
RG-W10-034 Uiharu with Flower Accessories Character  search
RG-W10-026 Uiharu, Elite Operator Character  RR  search
RG-W10-035 Uiharu, Kuroko's Partner Character  search
RG-W10-043 Wannai, Swimming Club Character  search
RG-W10-075 Work of Judgment Climax  CC  search
ID-W10-002 “Esper” Accelerator Character  RR  search

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