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Fairy Tail Booster Pack

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Fairy Tail Booster Pack: 125 cards
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FT-S09-039 "Beast Arm" Elfman Character  search
FT-S09-004 "Black Winged Armor" Erza / “黒羽の鎧”エルザ Character  search
FT-S09-004R "Black Winged Armor" Erza / “黒羽の鎧”エルザ Character  RRR  search
FT-S02-104 "Dragon Egg" Happy Character  search
FT-S02-104R "Dragon Egg" Happy Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-005 "Flame Empress Armor" Erza / “炎帝の鎧”エルザ Character  search
FT-S09-006 "Heaven's Wheel Armor" Erza Character  search
FT-S09-006R "Heaven's Wheel Armor" Erza Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-090 "New Target" Gray Character  search
FT-S09-020 "No Longer Lost" Erza Character  search
FT-S09-016 "Shinigami" Erigor Character  search
FT-S09-043 "Speaks with Fists" Elfman Character  search
FT-S09-079 "Ur's Teaching" Gray Character  search
FT-S09-087 "Ur's Tear" Ultear Character  search
FT-S09-034 Aquarius the Water Bearer / 宝瓶宮のアクエリアス Character  search
FT-S09-009 Aria of the Sky Character  search
FT-S09-091 Cana Alberona Character  search
FT-S09-093 Cana, Magical Cards Character  search
FT-S09-047 Changeling Event  search
FT-S09-061 Childhood Natsu & Happy Character  search
FT-S09-025 Circle Sword Climax  CC  search
FT-S09-049 DEAR KABY Climax  CC  search
FT-S09-021 Destroying the Moon!? Event  search
FT-S09-097 Devil's Banquet Event  search
FT-S09-072 Dragon Egg Event  search
FT-S09-054 Erza Scarlet Character  search
FT-S02-101 Erza, Guardian of Fairy Tail Character  search
FT-S02-101R Erza, Guardian of Fairy Tail Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-010 Erza, Large Luggage Character  search
FT-S09-001 Erza, Magic Swordsman / 魔法剣士 エルザ Character  RR  search
FT-S09-008 Erza, S-Level Magician Character  search
FT-S09-002 Erza, Titania / 妖精女王のエルザ Character  RR  search
FT-S09-002S Erza, Titania / 妖精女王のエルザ Character  SR  search
FT-S09-017 Erza, Top Female Magician of Fairy Tail Character  search
FT-S09-003 Erza, Ultra Close Type / 超近接タイプ エルザ Character  search
FT-S09-003S Erza, Ultra Close Type / 超近接タイプ エルザ Character  SR  search
FT-S09-022 Fairy Law Event  search
FT-S09-024 Fairy Tail has come calling!!!!!! / 妖精の尻尾じゃああっ!!!!!! Climax  CC  search
FT-S09-073 Fire Dragon Brilliant Flame / 火竜の煌炎 Climax  CR  search
FT-S09-074 Fire Dragon Roar / 火竜の咆哮 Climax  CC  search
FT-S09-050 Force Gate Closure Climax  CC  search
FT-S09-055 Gajeel of Iron Dragon Character  search
FT-S09-058 Gajeel Redfox / ガジル・レッドフォックス Character  search
FT-S09-070 Gajeel, Iron Dragon Slayer Mage Character  search
FT-S09-057 Gajeel, Strongest Man of Phantom Lord Character  search
FT-S09-077 Gray Fullbuster Character  RR  search
FT-S09-077R Gray Fullbuster Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-081 Gray, Clothes-removing Habit / 脱ぎ癖 グレイ Character  search
FT-S09-086 Gray, Determined Character  search
FT-S09-082 Gray, Fairy Tail Wizard / 妖精の尻尾の魔導士 グレイ Character  search
FT-S09-082R Gray, Fairy Tail Wizard / 妖精の尻尾の魔導士 グレイ Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-092 Gray, Ice Magic Character  search
FT-S09-088 Gray, Lyon's Junior Character  search
FT-S09-085 Gray, Natsu's Quarrel Partner Character  search
FT-S02-105 Gray, Silent Ice Make Character  search
FT-S09-078 Gray, Ur's Student / ウルの弟子 グレイ Character  search
FT-S09-078S Gray, Ur's Student / ウルの弟子 グレイ Character  SR  search
FT-S09-064 Happy Character  search
FT-S09-066 Happy, Natsu's Partner / ナツの相棒 ハッピー Character  search
FT-S09-023 Heaven's Wheel, Scattered Petals / 天輪・繚乱の剣 Climax  CR  search
FT-S09-099 Ice Cannon Climax  CC  search
FT-S09-098 Ice Geyser Climax  CR  search
FT-S09-076 Juvia Lockser Character  RR  search
FT-S09-076S Juvia Lockser Character  SR  search
FT-S09-083 Juvia of the Great Sea Character  search
FT-S09-084 Juvia, Maiden in Love Character  search
FT-S09-095 Juvia, Phantom Magician Character  search
FT-S09-046 Key to the Gate Event  search
FT-S09-007 Laxus, Makarov's Grandson / マカロフの孫 ラクサス Character  search
FT-S09-015 Laxus, S-Level Magician Character  search
FT-S09-014 Levy McGarden Character  search
FT-S09-033 Lisanna / リサーナ Character  search
FT-S09-036 Loke, Ring Magic / 指輪魔法 ロキ Character  search
FT-S09-044 Lucy & Happy Character  search
FT-S09-040 Lucy Heartfilia Character  search
FT-S09-037 Lucy, Celestial Magician Character  search
FT-S09-031 Lucy, Daughter of Heartfilia Household Character  search
FT-S09-027 Lucy, Fairy Tail Wizard / 妖精の尻尾の魔導士 ルーシィ Character  RR  search
FT-S09-027P Lucy, Fairy Tail Wizard / 妖精の尻尾の魔導士 ルーシィ Character  SP  search
FT-S02-102 Lucy, Girl Who Loves Celestial Spirits Character  search
FT-S02-102R Lucy, Girl Who Loves Celestial Spirits Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-032 Lucy, Holder Type Magician Character  search
FT-S09-028 Lucy, Lady of Heartfilia Zaibatsu Character  search
FT-S09-028R Lucy, Lady of Heartfilia Zaibatsu Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-029 Lucy, Literature Girl / 文学少女 ルーシィ Character  search
FT-S09-042 Lucy, Maid / メイド姿のルーシィ Character  search
FT-S09-026 Lucy, Rookie Magician Character  RR  search
FT-S09-026S Lucy, Rookie Magician Character  SR  search
FT-S09-030 Lucy, Still A Rookie Character  search
FT-S09-030S Lucy, Still A Rookie Character  SR  search
FT-S09-089 Lyon, Sub-Zero Emperor / 零帝 リオン Character  search
FT-S09-013 Makarov, Fairy Tail Master / 妖精の尻尾のマスター・マカロフ Character  search
FT-S09-018 Makarov, Ten Wizard Saints Character  search
FT-S09-012 Master Jose, Phantom Lord Character  search
FT-S09-038 Mirajane, Draw of Fairy Tail / 妖精の尻尾の看板娘 ミラジェーン Character  search
FT-S09-035 Mirajane, Former S-Level Magician Character  search
FT-S09-096 Moon Drip Event  search
FT-S09-019 Mystogan, S-Level Magician Character  search
FT-S09-053 Natsu & Happy Character  search
FT-S09-053S Natsu & Happy Character  SR  search
FT-S09-065 Natsu Dragneel / ナツ・ドラグニル Character  search
FT-S09-063 Natsu, Always Full Strength Character  search
FT-S09-060 Natsu, Child Raised as Dragon Character  search
FT-S09-056 Natsu, Dragon Power / ドラゴンの力 ナツ Character  search
FT-S09-056R Natsu, Dragon Power / ドラゴンの力 ナツ Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-052 Natsu, Fairy Tail Wizard / 妖精の尻尾の魔導士 ナツ Character  RR  search
FT-S09-052P Natsu, Fairy Tail Wizard / 妖精の尻尾の魔導士 ナツ Character  SP  search
FT-S09-062 Natsu, Fire Dragon Slayer / 炎の滅竜魔導士 ナツ Character  search
FT-S09-051 Natsu, Living by Instinct Character  RR  search
FT-S09-051S Natsu, Living by Instinct Character  SR  search
FT-S02-103 Natsu, Searching for Igneel Character  search
FT-S02-103R Natsu, Searching for Igneel Character  RRR  search
FT-S09-068 Natsu, Surprisingly Calm Character  search
FT-S09-059 Natsu, Trouble Child Character  search
FT-S09-067 Natsu, Young Dragon / 若き竜 ナツ Character  search
FT-S09-011 Porlyusica, Healing Magician Character  search
FT-S09-048 Power of the Celestial Spirits / 星霊の力 Climax  CR  search
FT-S09-075 Roar of the Iron Dragon Climax  CC  search
FT-S09-071 S-class Quest / S級クエスト Event  search
FT-S09-094 Siegrain, Young Council Member Character  search
FT-S09-041 Sol of the Land Character  search
FT-S09-069 Totomaru of the Conflagration Character  search
FT-S09-080 Ur, Gray's Teacher / グレイの師匠 ウル Character  search
FT-S09-045 Virgo the Virgo Character  search
FT-S09-100 Water Lock Climax  CC  search

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