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New Phyrexia

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New Phyrexia: 189 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
78 Act of Aggression Instant  search
129 Alloy Myr Artifact Creature  search
2 Apostle's Blessing Instant  search
27 Argent Mutation Instant  search
28 Arm with AEther Sorcery  search
79 Artillerize Instant  search
3 Auriok Survivors Creature  search
130 Batterskull Artifact  search
103 Beast Within Instant  search
T1-4 Beast [Token] Token Creature  search
104 Birthing Pod Artifact  search
4 Blade Splicer Creature  search
29 Blighted Agent Creature  search
52 Blind Zealot Creature  search
131 Blinding Souleater Artifact Creature  search
80 Bludgeon Brawl Enchantment  search
105 Brutalizer Exarch Creature  search
132 Caged Sun Artifact  search
53 Caress of Phyrexia Sorcery  search
5 Cathedral Membrane Artifact Creature  search
30 Chained Throatseeker Creature  search
6 Chancellor of the Annex Creature  search
54 Chancellor of the Dross Creature  search
81 Chancellor of the Forge Creature  search
31 Chancellor of the Spires Creature  search
106 Chancellor of the Tangle Creature  search
133 Conversion Chamber Artifact  search
107 Corrosive Gale Sorcery  search
32 Corrupted Resolve Instant  search
134 Darksteel Relic Artifact  search
108 Death-Hood Cobra Creature  search
33 Deceiver Exarch Creature  search
34 Defensive Stance Enchantment  search
55 Dementia Bat Creature  search
56 Despise Sorcery  search
57 Dismember Instant  search
7 Dispatch Instant  search
8 Due Respect Instant  search
9 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Legendary Creature  search
58 Enslave Enchantment  search
59 Entomber Exarch Creature  search
135 Etched Monstrosity Artifact Creature  search
60 Evil Presence Enchantment  search
10 Exclusion Ritual Enchantment  search
82 Fallen Ferromancer Creature  search
83 Flameborn Viron Creature  search
11 Forced Worship Enchantment  search
174 Forest Basic Land  search
175 Forest Basic Land  search
109 Fresh Meat Instant  search
84 Furnace Scamp Creature  search
85 Geosurge Sorcery  search
61 Geth's Verdict Instant  search
35 Gitaxian Probe Sorcery  search
110 Glissa's Scorn Instant  search
111 Glistener Elf Creature  search
62 Glistening Oil Enchantment  search
T2-4 Goblin [Token] Token Creature  search
T3-4 Golem [Token] Token Artifact Creature  search
112 Greenhilt Trainee Creature  search
136 Gremlin Mine Artifact  search
63 Grim Affliction Instant  search
86 Gut Shot Instant  search
137 Hex Parasite Artifact Creature  search
138 Hovermyr Artifact Creature  search
64 Ichor Explosion Sorcery  search
139 Immolating Souleater Artifact Creature  search
36 Impaler Shrike Creature  search
12 Inquisitor Exarch Creature  search
140 Insatiable Souleater Artifact Creature  search
87 Invader Parasite Creature  search
168 Island Basic Land  search
169 Island Basic Land  search
141 Isolation Cell Artifact  search
37 Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur Legendary Creature  search
128 Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer Legendary Creature  search
1 Karn Liberated Planeswalker  search
142 Kiln Walker Artifact Creature  search
143 Lashwrithe Artifact  search
113 Leeching Bite Instant  search
65 Life's Finale Sorcery  search
13 Lost Leonin Creature  search
14 Loxodon Convert Creature  search
15 Marrow Shards Instant  search
16 Master Splicer Creature  search
114 Maul Splicer Creature  search
115 Melira, Sylvok Outcast Legendary Creature  search
38 Mental Misstep Instant  search
144 Mindcrank Artifact  search
39 Mindculling Sorcery  search
88 Moltensteel Dragon Artifact Creature  search
66 Mortis Dogs Creature  search
172 Mountain Basic Land  search
173 Mountain Basic Land  search
116 Mutagenic Growth Instant  search
117 Mycosynth Fiend Creature  search
145 Mycosynth Wellspring Artifact  search
146 Myr Superion Artifact Creature  search
146* Myr Superion [New Phyrexia Gameday Prize (DCI-75)] Artifact Creature  search
T4-4 Myr [Token] Token Artifact Creature  search
147 Necropouncer Artifact  search
17 Norn's Annex Artifact  search
118 Noxious Revival Instant  search
40 Numbing Dose Enchantment  search
89 Ogre Menial Creature  search
148 Omen Machine Artifact  search
67 Parasitic Implant Enchantment  search
149 Pestilent Souleater Artifact Creature  search
165 Phyrexia's Core Land  search
150 Phyrexian Hulk Artifact Creature  search
41 Phyrexian Ingester Creature  search
42 Phyrexian Metamorph Artifact Creature  search
42* Phyrexian Metamorph [New Phyrexia Launch] Artifact Creature  search
68 Phyrexian Obliterator Creature  search
119 Phyrexian Swarmlord Creature  search
18 Phyrexian Unlife Enchantment  search
69 Pith Driller Artifact Creature  search
166 Plains Basic Land  search
167 Plains Basic Land  search
PC1 Poison Counter Counter  search
19 Porcelain Legionnaire Artifact Creature  search
70 Postmortem Lunge Sorcery  search
71 Praetor's Grasp Sorcery  search
90 Priest of Urabrask Creature  search
90* Priest of Urabrask [New Phyrexia Gameday Participant (DCI-74)] Creature  search
151 Pristine Talisman Artifact  search
43 Psychic Barrier Instant  search
44 Psychic Surgery Enchantment  search
20 Puresteel Paladin Creature  search
91 Rage Extractor Artifact  search
92 Razor Swine Creature  search
72 Reaper of Sheoldred Creature  search
21 Remember the Fallen Sorcery  search
120 Rotted Hystrix Creature  search
3-4 Rules Tip: Infect Tips & Tricks  search
2-4 Rules Tip: Living Weapon Tips & Tricks  search
1-4 Rules Tip: Phyrexian Mana Tips & Tricks  search
4-4 Rules Tip: Proliferate Tips & Tricks  search
93 Ruthless Invasion Sorcery  search
94 Scrapyard Salvo Sorcery  search
22 Sensor Splicer Creature  search
23 Shattered Angel Creature  search
73 Sheoldred, Whispering One Legendary Creature  search
73* Sheoldred, Whispering One [New Phyrexia Pre-Release] Legendary Creature  search
24 Shriek Raptor Creature  search
152 Shrine of Boundless Growth Artifact  search
153 Shrine of Burning Rage Artifact  search
154 Shrine of Limitless Power Artifact  search
155 Shrine of Loyal Legions Artifact  search
156 Shrine of Piercing Vision Artifact  search
157 Sickleslicer Artifact  search
95 Slag Fiend Creature  search
96 Slash Panther Artifact Creature  search
158 Soul Conduit Artifact  search
159 Spellskite Artifact Creature  search
121 Spinebiter Creature  search
45 Spined Thopter Artifact Creature  search
46 Spire Monitor Creature  search
160 Surge Node Artifact  search
74 Surgical Extraction Instant  search
74* Surgical Extraction [New Phyrexia Buy A Box] Instant  search
25 Suture Priest Creature  search
170 Swamp Basic Land  search
171 Swamp Basic Land  search
161 Sword of War and Peace Artifact  search
47 Tezzeret's Gambit Sorcery  search
122 Thundering Tanadon Artifact Creature  search
97 Tormentor Exarch Creature  search
162 Torpor Orb Artifact  search
75 Toxic Nim Creature  search
163 Trespassing Souleater Artifact Creature  search
123 Triumph of the Hordes Sorcery  search
164 Unwinding Clock Artifact  search
98 Urabrask the Hidden Legendary Creature  search
48 Vapor Snag Instant  search
76 Vault Skirge Artifact Creature  search
99 Victorious Destruction Sorcery  search
49 Viral Drake Creature  search
124 Viridian Betrayers Creature  search
125 Viridian Harvest Enchantment  search
126 Vital Splicer Creature  search
100 Volt Charge Instant  search
127 Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger Legendary Creature  search
101 Vulshok Refugee Creature  search
26 War Report Instant  search
102 Whipflare Sorcery  search
77 Whispering Specter Creature  search
50 Wing Splicer Creature  search
51 Xenograft Enchantment  search
Total price for whole set:

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