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Planeshift: 146 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
20 Allied Strategies Sorcery  search
77 Alpha Kavu Creature  search
78 Amphibious Kavu Creature  search
96 Ancient Spider Creature  search
21 Arctic Merfolk Creature  search
1 Aura Blast Instant  search
2 Aurora Griffin Creature  search
39 Bog Down Sorcery  search
58 Caldera Kavu Creature  search
97 Cavern Harpy Creature  search
98 Cloud Cover Enchantment  search
22 Confound Instant  search
136 Crosis's Catacombs Land  search
99 Crosis's Charm Instant  search
137 Darigaaz's Caldera Land  search
100 Darigaaz's Charm Instant  search
101 Daring Leap Instant  search
40 Dark Suspicions Enchantment  search
59 Deadapult Enchantment  search
41 Death Bomb Instant  search
102 Destructive Flow Enchantment  search
42 Diabolic Intent Sorcery  search
3 Disciple of Kangee Creature  search
4 Dominaria's Judgment Instant  search
103 Doomsday Specter Creature  search
131 Draco Artifact Creature  search
104 Dralnu's Crusade Enchantment  search
23 Dralnu's Pet Creature  search
138 Dromar's Cavern Land  search
105 Dromar's Charm Instant  search
106 Eladamri's Call Instant  search
24 Ertai's Trickery Instant  search
107 Ertai, the Corrupted Legendary Creature  search
107a Ertai, the Corrupted [Alternate Art Foil] Legendary Creature  search
25 Escape Routes Enchantment  search
43 Exotic Disease Sorcery  search
79 Falling Timber Instant  search
60 Flametongue Kavu Creature  search
108 Fleetfoot Panther Creature  search
139 Forsaken City Land  search
80 Gaea's Herald Creature  search
81 Gaea's Might Instant  search
26 Gainsay Instant  search
109 Gerrard's Command Instant  search
61 Goblin Game Sorcery  search
5 Guard Dogs Creature  search
6 Heroic Defiance Enchantment  search
7 Hobble Enchantment  search
8 Honorable Scout Creature  search
110 Horned Kavu Creature  search
111 Hull Breach Sorcery  search
27 Hunting Drake Creature  search
62 Implode Sorcery  search
63 Insolence Enchantment  search
64 Kavu Recluse Creature  search
65 Keldon Mantle Enchantment  search
112 Keldon Twilight Enchantment  search
9 Lashknife Barrier Enchantment  search
113 Lava Zombie Creature  search
44 Lord of the Undead Creature  search
45 Maggot Carrier Creature  search
66 Magma Burst Instant  search
82 Magnigoth Treefolk Creature  search
114 Malicious Advice Instant  search
132 Mana Cylix Artifact  search
10 March of Souls Sorcery  search
115 Marsh Crocodile Creature  search
116 Meddling Mage Creature  search
140 Meteor Crater Land  search
67 Mire Kavu Creature  search
83 Mirrorwood Treefolk Creature  search
68 Mogg Jailer Creature  search
69 Mogg Sentry Creature  search
46 Morgue Toad Creature  search
84 Multani's Harmony Enchantment  search
117 Natural Emergence Enchantment  search
85 Nemata, Grove Guardian Legendary Creature  search
47 Nightscape Battlemage Creature  search
48 Nightscape Familiar Creature  search
49 Noxious Vapors Sorcery  search
11 Orim's Chant Instant  search
50 Phyrexian Bloodstock Creature  search
51 Phyrexian Scuta Creature  search
118 Phyrexian Tyranny Enchantment  search
28 Planar Overlay Sorcery  search
86 Planeswalker's Favor Enchantment  search
70 Planeswalker's Fury Enchantment  search
12 Planeswalker's Mirth Enchantment  search
29 Planeswalker's Mischief Enchantment  search
52 Planeswalker's Scorn Enchantment  search
13 Pollen Remedy Instant  search
87 Primal Growth Sorcery  search
88 Pygmy Kavu Creature  search
119 Questing Phelddagrif Creature  search
119* Questing Phelddagrif [Planeshift Pre-Release] Creature  search
89 Quirion Dryad Creature  search
90 Quirion Explorer Creature  search
120 Radiant Kavu Creature  search
121 Razing Snidd Creature  search
122 Rith's Charm Instant  search
141 Rith's Grove Land  search
91 Root Greevil Creature  search
30 Rushing River Instant  search
14 Samite Elder Creature  search
15 Samite Pilgrim Creature  search
123 Sawtooth Loon Creature  search
31 Sea Snidd Creature  search
32 Shifting Sky Enchantment  search
124 Shivan Wurm Creature  search
53 Shriek of Dread Instant  search
125 Silver Drake Creature  search
71 Singe Instant  search
54 Sinister Strength Enchantment  search
33 Sisay's Ingenuity Enchantment  search
133 Skyship Weatherlight Legendary Artifact  search
92 Skyshroud Blessing Instant  search
55 Slay Instant  search
34 Sleeping Potion Enchantment  search
72 Slingshot Goblin Creature  search
126 Sparkcaster Creature  search
P01-6 Spirit [Token] [Player Rewards] Token Creature  search
134 Star Compass Artifact  search
127 Steel Leaf Paladin Creature  search
93 Stone Kavu Creature  search
35 Stormscape Battlemage Creature  search
36 Stormscape Familiar Creature  search
73 Strafe Sorcery  search
135 Stratadon Artifact Creature  search
37 Sunken Hope Enchantment  search
16 Sunscape Battlemage Creature  search
17 Sunscape Familiar Creature  search
18 Surprise Deployment Instant  search
74 Tahngarth, Talruum Hero Legendary Creature  search
142 Terminal Moraine Land  search
128 Terminate Instant  search
94 Thornscape Battlemage Creature  search
95 Thornscape Familiar Creature  search
75 Thunderscape Battlemage Creature  search
76 Thunderscape Familiar Creature  search
129 Treva's Charm Instant  search
143 Treva's Ruins Land  search
130 Urza's Guilt Sorcery  search
19 Voice of All Creature  search
56 Volcano Imp Creature  search
57 Warped Devotion Enchantment  search
38 Waterspout Elemental Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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