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Tales of the Gallant Sage

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Tales of the Gallant Sage: 140 cards
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TGSJ-776 8 Trigrams Air Palm Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSJ-774 8 Trigrams Palms Rotation Jutsu  Common  search
TGSM-747 A Gift of Pain Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSJ-792 Acid Shot Jutsu  Common  search
TGSN-1052 Akamaru Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-738 Anko's Memory Mission  Common  search
TGSM-731 Another Maskā€¦ Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1042 Asuma Sarutobi Ninja  Super Rare  search
TGSN-1042* Asuma Sarutobi Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1087 Black Ant Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-748 Chakra Paper Mission  Common  search
TGSN-1090 Chiyo Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1090* Chiyo Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1040 Choji Akimichi Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1046 Choji Akimichi & Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1086 Crow Ninja  Common  search
TGSJ-791 Crystal Style: Burst Crystal Dragon Jutsu  Common  search
TGSJ-785 Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Singing Jutsu  Super Rare  search
TGSJ-777 Detonating Kunai Jutsu  Common  search
TGSJ-788 Distal Phalanx Shrapnel Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSM-732 Doppelganger Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1091 Ebizo Ninja  Common  search
TGSJ-780 Echoes of Pain Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSM-725 End of the Immortal Mission  Rare  search
TGSJ-779 Eyes of the Betrayer Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1089 Father and Mother Ninja  Common  search
TGSJ-794 Ferocious Punch! Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSJ-778 Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu Jutsu  Common  search
TGSJ-793 First-Aid Jutsu  Common  search
TGSM-727 Follower of Jashin Mission  Common  search
TGSN-1063 Fukasaku Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1088 Gaara of the Desert (Suit) Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1065 Gamaken Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-730 Gathering Intel Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSJ-775 Gentle Fist Style: 8 Trigrams 64 Palms Jutsu  Rare  search
TGSM-724 Gentle Fist Style: Eight Trigrams Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1097 Giant Rhino Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1074 Giant Spider Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1066 Great Toad Sage Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1045 Hanabi Hyuga Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1082 Hanzo the Salamander Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1048 Hiashi Hyuga Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1051 Hidan Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1051* Hidan Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1038 Hinata Hyuga Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1047 Hinata Hyuga (Awakened) Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1047* Hinata Hyuga (Awakened) Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSJ-797 Hydro-pump Jutsu  Super Rare  search
TGSN-1039 Ino Yamanaka Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1039* Ino Yamanaka Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1095 Ino Yamanaka Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-742 Ino's Tears Mission  Rare  search
TGSN-1058 Itachi Uchiha Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1055 Itachi Uchiha & Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1068 Jiraiya Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1068* Jiraiya Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1067 Jiraiya (Sage Mode) Ninja  Super Rare  search
TGSN-1067* Jiraiya (Sage Mode) Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSM-734 Jiraya's Hermit Dance Mission  Rare  search
TGSN-1078 Jugo Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1057 Kakashi Hatake Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1057* Kakashi Hatake Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1060 Kakashi Hatake & The 4th Hokage Ninja  Super Rare  search
TGSN-1060* Kakashi Hatake & The 4th Hokage Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1053 Kakashi Hatake & Yamato Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1053* Kakashi Hatake & Yamato Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1092 Kankuro Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-744 Kankuro's Tenacity Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1076 Karin Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-739 Karin's Anger Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSM-741 Katsuyu's Division Mission  Rare  search
TGSN-1049 Kiba Inuzuka Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1059 Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1075 Kidomaru (State 1) Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1075* Kidomaru (State 1) Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1084 Kidomaru (State 2) Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1070 Killer Bee Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1079 Kimimaro (State 1) Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1083 Manda Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1083* Manda Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1085 Mini Katsuyu Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-740 Monster Research Mission  Rare  search
TGSN-1093 Monzaemon Chikamatsu Ninja  Super Rare  search
TGSM-733 Mount Myoboku Mission  Rare  search
TGSM-726 Mover's Jacket Mission  Common  search
TGSN-1098 Nagato (Childhood) Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1062 Naruto Uzumaki (Four Tails) Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1062* Naruto Uzumaki (Four Tails) Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1071 Naruto Uzumaki (Suit) Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1061 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Form) Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1037 Neji Hyuga Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1037* Neji Hyuga Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1081 Orochimaru Ninja  Super Rare  search
TGSM-737 Orochimaru's Forbidden Jutsu Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1096 Pain & Itachi Uchiha Ninja  Super Rare  search
TGSN-1096* Pain & Itachi Uchiha Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1101 Pain (Asura Path) Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1099 Pain (Human Path) Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1100 Pain (Naraka Path) Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-728 Past and Future Mission  Rare  search
TGSJ-773 Protective 8 Trigrams 64 Palms Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSM-743 Puppet Master in Training Mission  Rare  search
TGSJ-795 Puppet Shield Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSJ-796 Puppet Summoning Jutsu  Rare  search
TGSM-745 Rash Decision Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1069 Rock Lee Ninja  Common  search
TGSJ-781 Sage Art: Bath of Boiling Oil Jutsu  Rare  search
TGSJ-784 Sage Art: Kebari Senbon Jutsu  Rare  search
TGSN-1072 Sai (Suit) Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1094 Sakura Haruno Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1094* Sakura Haruno Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1050 Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1080 Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1080* Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSN-1056 Sasuke Uchiha (Suit) Ninja  Common  search
TGSM-729 Scornful Eyes Mission  Uncommon  search
TGSJ-782 Shield Block Jutsu  Common  search
TGSN-1043 Shikamaru Nara (Suit) Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1064 Shima Ninja  Common  search
TGSJ-786 Snake Sword Jutsu  Rare  search
TGSJ-790 Spider Armor Jutsu  Common  search
TGSJ-789 Spider Bow: Fierce Rip Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1077 Suigetsu Hozuki Ninja  Common  search
TGSJ-798 Summoning Jutsu: Pain Jutsu  Rare  search
TGSJ-787 Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation Jutsu  Super Rare  search
TGSM-735 Tale of the Gallant Jiraya Mission  Common  search
TGSN-1044 Tenten Ninja  Common  search
TGSN-1044* Tenten Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSM-746 The Ame Orphans Mission  Rare  search
TGSJ-799 The Eyes of Pain Jutsu  Common  search
TGSN-1041 The First Hokage Ninja  Rare  search
TGSN-1041* The First Hokage Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSJ-800 The Hand of Pain Jutsu  Rare  search
TGSJ-801 The Soul of Pain Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1054 The Third Hokage Ninja  Uncommon  search
TGSN-1054* The Third Hokage Ninja  Parallel  search
TGSJ-783 Toad Subjugation: Art of the Manipulated Shadow Jutsu  Uncommon  search
TGSM-723 Training in the Moonlight Mission  Rare  search
TGSM-736 Vessel for Dreams Mission  Rare  search
TGSN-1073 Yahiko (Childhood) Ninja  Common  search

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