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Planechase: 213 cards
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LCC-01 Academy at Tolaria West Plane  search
LCC-03 Agyrem Plane  search
1 Akroma's Vengeance Sorcery  search
130 Ancient Den Artifact Land  search
46 Arc Lightning Sorcery  search
105 Arcbound Crusher Artifact Creature  search
106 Arcbound Slith Artifact Creature  search
96 Arsenal Thresher Artifact Creature  search
17 Ascendant Evincar Legendary Creature  search
103 Assault / Battery Sorcery  search
97 Balefire Liege Creature  search
LCC-04 Bant Plane  search
98 Battlegate Mimic Creature  search
18 Beacon of Unrest Sorcery  search
68 Beast Hunt Sorcery  search
19 Beseech the Queen Sorcery  search
47 Blaze Sorcery  search
48 Bogardan Firefiend Creature  search
49 Bogardan Rager Creature  search
131 Boros Garrison Land  search
99 Boros Guildmage Creature  search
107 Boros Signet Artifact  search
82 Boros Swiftblade Creature  search
108 Bosh, Iron Golem Legendary Artifact Creature  search
83 Branching Bolt Instant  search
69 Briarhorn Creature  search
8 Broodstar Creature  search
50 Browbeat Sorcery  search
84 Bull Cerodon Creature  search
132 Cabal Coffers Land  search
20 Cadaverous Knight Creature  search
85 Captain's Maneuver Instant  search
DCI-42 Celestine Reef Plane  search
86 Cerodon Yearling Creature  search
51 Cinder Elemental Creature  search
LCC-05 Cliffside Market Plane  search
52 Cone of Flame Sorcery  search
2 Congregate Instant  search
21 Consume Spirit Sorcery  search
109 Copper Myr Artifact Creature  search
22 Corpse Harvester Creature  search
110 Cranial Plating Artifact  search
23 Cruel Revival Instant  search
24 Dark Ritual Instant  search
111 Darksteel Forge Artifact  search
25 Death Baron Creature  search
112 Door to Nothingness Artifact  search
100 Double Cleave Instant  search
26 Dregscape Zombie Creature  search
101 Duergar Hedge-Mage Creature  search
LCC-07 Eloren Wilds Plane  search
113 Etched Oracle Artifact Creature  search
70 Explosive Vegetation Sorcery  search
9 Fabricate Sorcery  search
LCC-09 Feeding Grounds Plane  search
71 Fertile Ground Enchantment  search
72 Fertilid Creature  search
27 Festering Goblin Creature  search
LCC-10 Fields of Summer Plane  search
87 Fires of Yavimaya Enchantment  search
53 Flamekin Harbinger Creature  search
54 Flametongue Kavu Creature  search
165 Forest Basic Land  search
166 Forest Basic Land  search
167 Forest Basic Land  search
168 Forest Basic Land  search
169 Forest Basic Land  search
73 Forgotten Ancient Creature  search
55 Furnace of Rath Enchantment  search
LCC-12 Glimmervoid Basin Plane  search
88 Glory of Warfare Enchantment  search
56 Goblin Offensive Sorcery  search
114 Gold Myr Artifact Creature  search
LCC-13 Goldmeadow Plane  search
28 Grave Pact Enchantment  search
29 Gravedigger Creature  search
133 Great Furnace Artifact Land  search
LCC-15 Grixis Plane  search
134 Gruul Turf Land  search
102 Hearthfire Hobgoblin Creature  search
30 Helldozer Creature  search
31 Hideous End Instant  search
DCI-43 Horizon Boughs Plane  search
89 Hull Breach Sorcery  search
LCC-17 Immersturm Plane  search
32 Incremental Blight Sorcery  search
33 Innocent Blood Sorcery  search
57 Insurrection Sorcery  search
115 Iron Myr Artifact Creature  search
147 Island Basic Land  search
148 Island Basic Land  search
149 Island Basic Land  search
150 Island Basic Land  search
LCC-18 Isle of Vesuva Plane  search
74 Ivy Elemental Creature  search
LCC-19 Izzet Steam Maze Plane  search
10 Keep Watch Instant  search
58 Keldon Champion Creature  search
3 Kor Sanctifiers Creature  search
LCC-20 Krosa Plane  search
116 Leaden Myr Artifact Creature  search
135 Leechridden Swamp Land  search
LCC-21 Lethe Lake Plane  search
90 Lightning Helix Instant  search
75 Living Hive Creature  search
LCC-22 Llanowar Plane  search
117 Lodestone Myr Artifact Creature  search
118 Loxodon Warhammer Artifact  search
91 Mage Slayer Artifact  search
119 Mask of Memory Artifact  search
11 Master of Etherium Artifact Creature  search
59 Menacing Ogre Creature  search
LCC-24 Minamo Plane  search
DCI-44 Mirrored Depths Plane  search
156 Mountain Basic Land  search
157 Mountain Basic Land  search
158 Mountain Basic Land  search
159 Mountain Basic Land  search
160 Mountain Basic Land  search
161 Mountain Basic Land  search
162 Mountain Basic Land  search
163 Mountain Basic Land  search
164 Mountain Basic Land  search
LCC-25 Murasa Plane  search
120 Myr Enforcer Artifact Creature  search
LCC-26 Naar Isle Plane  search
LCC-27 Naya Plane  search
34 Nefashu Creature  search
35 Noxious Ghoul Creature  search
121 Nuisance Engine Artifact  search
4 Oblivion Ring Enchantment  search
104 Order / Chaos Instant  search
5 Orim's Thunder Instant  search
LCC-28 Otaria Plane  search
LCC-29 Panopticon Plane  search
122 Pentad Prism Artifact  search
123 Pentavus Artifact Creature  search
36 Phyrexian Arena Enchantment  search
37 Phyrexian Ghoul Creature  search
142 Plains Basic Land  search
143 Plains Basic Land  search
144 Plains Basic Land  search
145 Plains Basic Land  search
146 Plains Basic Land  search
LCC-30 Pools of Becoming Plane  search
6 Prison Term Enchantment  search
38 Profane Command Sorcery  search
60 Pyrotechnics Sorcery  search
12 Qumulox Creature  search
76 Rampant Growth Sorcery  search
LCC-31 Raven's Run Plane  search
92 Razia, Boros Archangel Legendary Creature  search
61 Reckless Charge Sorcery  search
62 Relentless Assault Sorcery  search
124 Relic of Progenitus Artifact  search
63 Rockslide Elemental Creature  search
64 Rolling Thunder Sorcery  search
65 Rorix Bladewing Legendary Creature  search
39 Rotting Rats Creature  search
93 Rumbling Slum Creature  search
LCC-32 Sanctum of Serra Plane  search
13 Sarcomite Myr Artifact Creature  search
94 Savage Twister Sorcery  search
LCC-33 Sea of Sand Plane  search
77 Search for Tomorrow Sorcery  search
136 Seat of the Synod Artifact Land  search
125 Serum Tank Artifact  search
40 Shepherd of Rot Creature  search
LCC-34 Shiv Plane  search
137 Shivan Oasis Land  search
126 Silver Myr Artifact Creature  search
78 Silverglade Elemental Creature  search
127 Skeleton Shard Artifact  search
LCC-35 Skybreen Plane  search
95 Sludge Strider Artifact Creature  search
66 Smokebraider Creature  search
LCC-36 Sokenzan Plane  search
7 Soul Warden Creature  search
41 Soulless One Creature  search
LCC-37 Stronghold Furnace Plane  search
138 Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion Land  search
128 Suntouched Myr Artifact Creature  search
151 Swamp Basic Land  search
152 Swamp Basic Land  search
153 Swamp Basic Land  search
154 Swamp Basic Land  search
155 Swamp Basic Land  search
42 Syphon Mind Sorcery  search
43 Syphon Soul Sorcery  search
67 Taurean Mauler Creature  search
DCI-45 Tember City Plane  search
139 Terramorphic Expanse Land  search
LCC-02 The AEther Flues Plane  search
LCC-06 The Dark Barony Plane  search
LCC-08 The Eon Fog Plane  search
LCC-11 The Fourth Sphere Plane  search
LCC-14 The Great Forest Plane  search
LCC-16 The Hippodrome Plane  search
LCC-23 The Maelstrom Plane  search
14 Thirst for Knowledge Instant  search
79 Tornado Elemental Creature  search
140 Tree of Tales Artifact Land  search
80 Tribal Unity Instant  search
LCC-38 Turri Island Plane  search
44 Undead Warchief Creature  search
LCC-39 Undercity Reaches Plane  search
141 Vault of Whispers Artifact Land  search
15 Vedalken Engineer Creature  search
LCC-40 Velis Vel Plane  search
81 Verdant Force Creature  search
16 Whiplash Trap Instant  search
45 Withered Wretch Creature  search
129 Wizard Replica Artifact Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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