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"Thoughts Master Taught Me" Mea / “マスターに教わった考え”芽亜 card scan: click to enlarge

"Thoughts Master Taught Me" Mea / “マスターに教わった考え”芽亜:


AUTO When a card named「Warm Town "Sainan"」 is placed into your climax area, if this card is in your center stage, look at your opponent's hand, choose one of your 《Trans》 or 《Housework》 characters, and that character gets +3000 power and +1 soul until end of turn.

【自】 あなたのクライマックス置場に「あたたかい街“彩南”」が置かれた時、前列にこのカードがいるなら、あなたは相手の手札を見て、自分の、《変身》か《家事》のキャラを1枚選び、そのターン中、パワーを+3000し、ソウルを+1。


  • Number: TL-W37-023
  • Rarity: C
  • Card Type: Character
  • Color: Yellow
  • Side: Weiss
  • Level: 2
  • Power: 8000
  • Cost: 1
  • Soul: 1
  • Triggers: Soul
Rarities: C = Common; U = Uncommon;
R = Rare; RR = Double Rare;
RRR = Triple Rare;
SP = Special; SR = Special Rare;
CC = Climax Common; CR = Climax Rare;
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