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Erza, Ultra Close Type / 超近接タイプ エルザ card scan: click to enlarge

Erza, Ultra Close Type / 超近接タイプ エルザ:

【CONT】 During your turn, all of your other characters with "Erza(エルザ)" in its card name gain +1000 power.
【CONT】 If you would pay the 【ACT】 cost for 1 of your character in your hand or stage, you may put a marker from underneath this card in your waiting room instead of a card from your stock area.
【AUTO】 [【REST】 2 of your 【STAND】 characters] When this card is played on stage from your hand, you may pay cost. If you do, put the top card of your deck underneath this card as a marker.

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  • Number: FT-S09-003S
  • Rarity: SR
  • Card Type: Character
  • Color: Yellow
  • Side: Schwarz
  • Level: 0
  • Power: 1000
  • Cost: 0
  • Soul: 1
  • Triggers: None
Rarities: C = Common; U = Uncommon;
R = Rare; RR = Double Rare;
RRR = Triple Rare;
SP = Special; SR = Special Rare;
CC = Climax Common; CR = Climax Rare;
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