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games : Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player Game
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Note: Thanks to user puffinbillytown for making me aware of this, Leia is not supposed to be in this set but TCO has accidently placed it in here and I have no way of deleting it. It should be with the Jedi Pack.
-Herald epsilonjedi
Leia is in both sets : Jedi pack (black border) and TESB 2PG (white border).

  • Type: Character
  • Side: Light Side
  • Rarity: PM
  • Number: 8
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Hi epsilonjedi, you are correct that Leia did come with the Jedi pack, but the Jedi Pack Leia also came with the TESBI2P as a single card, so this is also correct. I'm not sure if they have different dates. The Leia card in the Japanese TESBI2P is faithfully reproduced as a WB premium card, albeit in Japanese. Given there was never any Japanese Jedi Pack, that helped it be remade as a Reflections II Foil
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Posted: July 5, 2018 09:39 pm 
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