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Add card image Cloaca, Demon King of the Hong Kong Sewers

Cloaca, Demon King of the Hong Kong Sewers:

Sacrifice a Character and choose Event, Site, or Edge :: This card is not affected by cards of the chosen type until the end of the turn.

"Soon, this place will be too small to contain me."

  • Number: 21
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Character
  • Faction: Eaters of the Lotus
  • Fighting: 8
  • Cost: 5
  • Resource Conditions: [Lot] [Mag]
  • Resource Provisions: [Lot] [Lot] [Lot]
  • Artist: Adam Bray
[Dra] = The Dragons
[Asc] = The Ascended
[Lot] = Eaters of the Lotus
[Arch] = Architects of the Flesh
[Hand] = The Guiding Hand
[Mon] = The 4 Monarchs
[Jam] = The Jammers
[Pur] = The Purists
[Sev] = The Seven Masters
[Chi] = Chi
[Mag] = Magic
[Tech] = Technology
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