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Card Info & Price Guides (Updated 11/16/07)

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Subject: Card Info & Price Guides (Updated 11/16/07)   PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 7:05 pm Reply with quote

Card Rarities

Common (C)
A basic card with black or white lettering on the name and no holographic illustration.

Short Print Common (SP)
A basic card with no foil lettering and no holographic illustration. These cards were printed in fewer quantities than normal common cards. A 4:1 printing ratio to other common cards.

Super Short Print Common (SSP)
A basic card with no foil lettering and no holographic illustration. These cards were printed in fewer quantities than normal common cards. A 5:1 printing ratio to other common cards.

Rare (R)
The name lettering of this card is written in silver foil. No holographic illustration.

Super Rare (SR)
The name lettering of this card is black or white. The illustration on this card is holographic

Ultra Rare (UR)
The name lettering of this card is written in gold foil. The illustration on this card is holographic.

Parallel Rare (PR)
The name lettering of this card is written in gold foil. The illustration on this card has sparkling holographics. It is usually a reproduced card from another series and its twin comes in a different rarity.

Secret Rare (SCR)
The name lettering of this card is written in silver foil. The illustration on this card has sparkling holographics.

Ultimate Rare (ULT)
The name lettering of this card is written in gold foil. The illustration on this card is holographic and raised / embossed. The star balls and attribute are also raised / embossed.

Ghost Rare (G)
The name lettering of this card is written in silver foil. The illustration on this card has light sensitive holographics causing the image to only be seen when tilted with angled light.

Card Editions
1st Edition or Unlimited? This is how players reference the card's production. Actually, there is no Unlimited type of card, but we use the terminology anyway.
1st Edition printing is written on the card in the lower left side of the illustration, just below the border. A 1st Edition card will also have a GOLD holo square in the lower rightside of the card. Where as the Unlimited version will have a SILVER holo square. So cards are some times referenced as GOLD Edition or SILVER Edition.
LIMITED cards are just that, limited production and time. They have the words LIMITED EDITION printed in place of the 1st Edition. They also have a GOLD holo square like the 1st Edition cards. Tournament cards do not come in 1st Edition, only the SILVER Edition, or as we call it Unlimited.

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Subject: A Thru I Pricing   PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 7:30 am Reply with quote

I an effort to help with some questions I have placed a Price Guide into this Forum. This Guide is just that a Guide, not the Bible of YGO. These prices are the mid-range prices for 1st Edition cards, made up of E-sites, shops, malls and traders. As a guide, Unlimited Edition cards sell for 80% to 95% of 1st Edition prices. To save space, the following cards average in the following prices unless otherwise noted in bold in the listing:

Commons: 0.20 - 0.30
SP: 0.50 - 0.80
SSP: 0.85 - 3.00
Rare: 2.00 - 4.00

    AST-000 The End of Anubis Secret Rare $16.50
    AST-006 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Ultra Rare $13.50
    AST-009 The Agent of Force - Mars Super Rare $7.25
    AST-014 Stone Statue of the Aztecs Super Rare $7.00
    AST-018 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress Ultra Rare $14.50
    AST-020 Needle Burrower Super Rare $6.50
    AST-022 Blowback Dragon Ultra Rare $16.00
    AST-023 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Super Rare $24.00
    AST-034 Archlord Zerato Ultra Rare $15.50
    AST-037 Enemy Controller Ultra Rare $21.00
    AST-038 Burst Stream of Destruction Ultra Rare $13.50
    AST-040 Amplifier Super Rare $7.25
    AST-042 The Sanctuary in the Sky Super Rare $8.50
    AST-062 Spirit of the Pharaoh Ultra Rare $13.00
    AST-067 Legacy Hunter Super Rare $6.00
    AST-071 Ghost Knight of Jackal Ultra Rare $12.00
    AST-076 Emissary of the Afterlife Super Rare $8.00
    AST-095 Dark Magic Attack Ultra Rare $13.50
    AST-101 The First Sarcophagus Super Rare $8.25
    AST-105 Curse of Anubis Ultra Rare $12.50
    AST-107 Des Counterblow Super Rare $6.00
    AST-111 Mazera DeVille Secret Rare $16.50

    BPT-001 Dark Magician Parallel Rare $8.00
    BPT-002 Summoned Skull Parallel Rare $8.50
    BPT-003 Blue Eyes White Dragon Parallel Rare $9.50
    BPT-004 Lord of D Parallel Rare $6.00
    BPT-005 Red Eyes B. Dragon Parallel Rare $9.00
    BPT-006 B. Skull Dragon Parallel Rare $15.25
    BPT-007 Dark Magician Parallel Rare $8.00
    BPT-008 Buster Blader Parallel Rare $9.50
    BPT-009 Blue Eyes White Dragon Parallel Rare $8.00
    BPT-010 XYZ-Dragon Cannon Parallel Rare $10.00
    BPT-011 Jinzo Parallel Rare $17.75
    BPT-012 Gearfried The Iron Knight Parallel Rare $7.00

    CDIP-EN001 Cyberdark Horn Super Rare $8.25
    CDIP-EN001u Cyberdark Horn Ultimate Rare $14.50
    CDIP-EN002 Cyberdark Edge Super Rare $9.00
    CDIP-EN002u Cyberdark Edge Ultimate Rare $15.00
    CDIP-EN003 Cyberdark Keel Super Rare $8.25
    CDIP-EN003u Cyberdark Keel Ultimate Rare $15.00
    CDIP-EN005 Cyber Esper Super Rare $6.25
    CDIP-EN005u Cyber Esper Ultimate Rare $15.00
    CDIP-EN007u Allure Queen LV5 Ultimate Rare $11.00
    CDIP-EN008 Allure Queen LV7 Ultra Rare $20.00
    CDIP-EN008u Allure Queen LV7 Ultimate Rare $22.00
    CDIP-EN010u Dark Lucius LV6 Ultimate Rare $13.50
    CDIP-EN011 Dark Lucius LV8 Ultra Rare $23.00
    CDIP-EN011u Dark Lucius LV8 Ultimate Rare $20.00
    CDIP-EN017u Vanity's Fiend Ultimate Rare $9.00
    CDIP-EN024u Vanity's Ruler Ultimate Rare $10.00
    CDIP-EN025u Isis, The Earth Mother Ultimate Rare $12.00
    CDIP-EN026u Lightning Punisher Ultimate Rare $10.00
    CDIP-EN029u Combo Master Ultimate Rare $9.50
    CDIP-EN031u Rampaging Rhynos Ultimate Rare $12.00
    CDIP-EN032 Storm Shooter Super Rare $6.25
    CDIP-EN032u Storm Shooter Ultimate Rare $15.00
    CDIP-EN035 Cyberdark Dragon Ultra Rare $36.00
    CDIP-EN035u Cyberdark Dragon Ultimate Rare $39.00
    CDIP-EN036 Cyber Ogre 2 Ultra Rare $20.00
    CDIP-EN036u Cyber Ogre 2 Ultimate Rare $32.00
    CDIP-EN038u Flash of the Forbidden Spell Ultimate Rare $6.00
    CDIP-EN044u Miraculous Rebirth Ultimate Rare $8.00
    CDIP-EN047u Degenerate Circuit Ultimate Rare $10.00
    CDIP-EN049u Blasting Fuse Ultimate Rare $8.00
    CDIP-EN052u Dimensional Inversion Ultimate Rare $8.50
    CDIP-EN056 Trojan Blast Super Rare $6.50
    CDIP-EN056u Trojan Blast Ultimate Rare $15.00
    CDIP-EN058 Cyber Shadow Gardna Super Rare $9.00
    CDIP-EN058u Cyber Shadow Gardna Ultimate Rare $15.00
    CDIP-EN060u Black Horn of Heaven Ultimate Rare $14.00

    CMC-EN001 Abyss Soldier Super Rare $19.00
    CMC-EN002 Inferno Hammer Super Rare $15.00
    CMC-EN003 Teva Super Rare $15.00

    CP01-EN001 Satellite Cannon Ultra Rare $65.00
    CP01-EN002 Book Of Moon Super Rare $30.00
    CP01-EN003 Metamorphosis Super Rare $25.00
    CP01-EN004 Sakuretsu Armor Super Rare $40.00
    CP01-EN005 Night Assailant Super Rare $18.00
    CP01-EN006 Big Shield Gardna Rare $10.00
    CP01-EN007 Limiter Removal Rare $6.00
    CP01-EN008 Solemn Judgment Rare $8.00
    CP01-EN009 Reflect Bounder Rare $10.00
    CP01-EN010 Enemy Controller Rare $8.00
    CP01-EN011 Pot of Avarice Rare $11.00

    CP02-EN001 Magical Stone Excavation Ultra Rare $55.00
    CP02-EN002 Nimble Momonga Super Rare $37.00
    CP02-EN003 Magician of Faith Super Rare $30.00
    CP02-EN004 Pyramid Turtle Super Rare $18.00
    CP02-EN005 Smashing Ground Super Rare $42.00
    CP02-EN006 Kuriboh Rare $10.00
    CP02-EN007 Abyss Soldier Rare $8.00
    CP02-EN008 Ring of Destruction Rare $9.00
    CP02-EN009 Morphing Jar Rare $12.00
    CP02-EN010 Dark Master - Zorc Rare $8.00
    CP02-EN011 Magical Dimension Rare $6.00

    CRV-EN005 Winged Kuriboh LV10 Ultra Rare $18.00
    CRV-EN005u Winged Kuriboh LV10 Ultimate Rare $23.00
    CRV-EN010 UFOroid Super Rare $8.00
    CRV-EN010u UFOroid Ultimate Rare $11.50
    CRV-EN012u Wroughtweiler Ultimate Rare $9.00
    CRV-EN013u Dark Catapulter Ultimate Rare $8.50
    CRV-EN014 Elemental Hero Bubbleman Rare $4.35
    CRV-EN014u Elemental Hero Bubbleman Ultimate Rare $10.00
    CRV-EN015 Cyber Dragon Super Rare $21.00
    CRV-EN015u Cyber Dragon Ultimate Rare $30.00
    CRV-EN016 Cybernetic Magician Super Rare $9.50
    CRV-EN016u Cybernetic Magician Ultimate Rare $14.50
    CRV-EN020 Goblin Elite Attack Force Super Rare $11.50
    CRV-EN020u Goblin Elite Attack Force Ultimate Rare $14.00
    CRV-EN021 B.E.S. Crystal Core Super Rare $6.00
    CRV-EN021u B.E.S. Crystal Core Ultimate Rare $12.50
    CRV-EN032u D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master Ultimate Rare $9.00
    CRV-EN034 UFOroid Fighter Ultra Rare $19.00
    CRV-EN034u UFOroid Fighter Ultimate Rare $25.00
    CRV-EN035 Cyber Twin Dragon Super Rare $13.50
    CRV-EN035u Cyber Twin Dragon Ultimate Rare $21.00
    CRV-EN036 Cyber End Dragon Ultra Rare $24.00
    CRV-EN036u Cyber End Dragon Ultimate Rare $26.00
    CRV-EN037 Power Bond Ultra Rare $18.00
    CRV-EN037u Power Bond Ultimate Rare $23.00
    CRV-EN039u Miracle Fusion Ultimate Rare $9.50
    CRV-EN041u System Down Ultimate Rare $9.00
    CRV-EN045u Transcendent Wings Ultimate Rare $12.00
    CRV-EN046u Bubble Shuffle Ultimate Rare $9.00
    CRV-EN047u Spark Blaster Ultimate Rare $8.50
    CRV-EN048 Skyscraper Super Rare $8.50
    CRV-EN048u Skyscraper Ultimate Rare $10.00
    CRV-EN049u Fire Darts Ultimate Rare $9.50
    CRV-EN055u Magical Explosion Ultimate Rare $10.50
    CRV-EN056u Rising Energy Ultimate Rare $8.50
    CRV-EN057u D.D. Trap Hole Ultimate Rare $7.50
    CRV-EN059 Dimension Wall Rare $4.50
    CRV-EN059u Dimension Wall Ultimate Rare $10.00

    CT03-EN001 Elemental Hero Neos Secret Rare $10.00
    CT03-EN002 Cyber Dragon Secret Rare $28.00
    CT03-EN003 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms Secret Rare $15.50
    CT03-EN004 Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman Secret Rare $18.00
    CT03-EN005 Uria, Lord of Searing Flames Secret Rare $15.00
    CT03-EN006 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder Secret Rare $18.00

    CT1-EN001 Total Defense Shogun Secret Rare $7.00
    CT1-EN002 Blade Knight Secret Rare $7.00
    CT1-EN003 Command Knight Secret Rare $7.25
    CT1-EN004 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight Secret Rare $7.50
    CT1-EN005 Insect Queen Secret Rare $7.50
    CT1-EN006 Obnoxious Celtic Guardian Secret Rare $7.25

    CT2-EN001 Gilford the Lightning Secret Rare $12.00
    CT2-EN002 Exarion Universe Secret Rare $12.00
    CT2-EN003 Vorse Raider Secret Rare $9.50
    CT2-EN004 Dark Magician Girl Secret Rare $16.00
    CT2-EN005 Rocket Warrior Secret Rare $10.00
    CT2-EN006 Panther Warrior Secret Rare $10.00

    DB1-EN002 Axe of Despair Rare $4.30
    DB1-EN015 Relinquished Super Rare $6.00
    DB1-EN021 Snatch Steal Ultra Rare $16.00
    DB1-EN024 Delinquent Duo Super Rare $8.00
    DB1-EN029 The Forceful Sentry Rare $4.30
    DB1-EN031 Mystical Space Typhoon Super Rare $8.00
    DB1-EN037 Megamorph Super Rare $8.00
    DB1-EN043 Cyber Jar Rare $4.30
    DB1-EN066 Blue Eyes Toon Dragon Super Rare $8.00
    DB1-EN067 Jinzo Ultra Rare $16.00
    DB1-EN076 Call of the Haunted Super Rare $9.00
    DB1-EN083 Ceasefire Super Rare $8.00
    DB1-EN086 Imperial Order Ultra Rare $11.00
    DB1-EN088 Nobleman of Crossout Super Rare $8.75
    DB1-EN091 Premature Burial Super Rare $7.00
    DB1-EN095 Buster Blader Super Rare $10.00
    DB1-EN096 Dark Sage Ultra Rare $16.00
    DB1-EN097 Big Shield Gardna Ultra Rare $16.00
    DB1-EN098 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare $16.00
    DB1-EN102 Dark Magician Ultra Rare $14.00
    DB1-EN113 Dark Hole Super Rare $8.00
    DB1-EN114 Raigeki Ultra Rare $13.50
    DB1-EN126 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Super Rare $10.00
    DB1-EN129 Swords of Revealing Light Super Rare $5.00
    DB1-EN133 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare $16.00
    DB1-EN134 Pot of Greed Super Rare $11.50
    DB1-EN139 Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare $21.00
    DB1-EN142 Summoned Skull Super Rare $6.00
    DB1-EN153 B. Skull Dragon Super Rare $8.75
    DB1-EN163 Magician of Faith Rare $4.30
    DB1-EN168 Change of Heart Ultra Rare $12.00
    DB1-EN169 Makyura the Destructor Super Rare $9.00
    DB1-EN170 Exchange Super Rare $8.50
    DB1-EN179 Limiter Removal Rare $4.30
    DB1-EN190 The Legendary Fisherman Rare $4.30
    DB1-EN195 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Ultra Rare $14.00
    DB1-EN202 Goblin Attack Force Super Rare $8.00
    DB1-EN214 The Masked Beast Super Rare $6.00
    DB1-EN228 Torrential Tribute Ultra Rare $17.00
    DB1-EN244 United We Stand Ultra Rare $14.00
    DB1-EN245 Mage Power Ultra Rare $14.00

    DB2-EN004 Dark Necrofear Ultra Rare $14.00
    DB2-EN012 The Last Warrior from Another Planet Super Rare $8.00
    DB2-EN034 Blade Knight Ultra Rare $13.00
    DB2-EN038 Time Wizard Super Rare $7.00
    DB2-EN047 Catapult Turtle Super Rare $7.00
    DB2-EN061 Cannon Soldier Super Rare $7.50
    DB2-EN072 Barrel Dragon Ultra Rare $15.00
    DB2-EN073 Solemn Judgment Super Rare $7.25
    DB2-EN074 Magic Jammer Super Rare $8.00
    DB2-EN075 Seven Tools of the Bandit Super Rare $6.50
    DB2-EN081 Mirror Force Super Rare $8.25
    DB2-EN084 Heavy Storm Super Rare $6.75
    DB2-EN100 Cyber-Stein Rare $5.25
    DB2-EN104 Morphing Jar Rare $5.25
    DB2-EN106 Royal Decree Super Rare $8.75
    DB2-EN110 Total Defense Shogun Super Rare $7.25
    DB2-EN111 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight Ultra Rare $12.50
    DB2-EN112 Obnoxious Celtic Guardian Ultra Rare $12.50
    DB2-EN114 Command Knight Super Rare $7.25
    DB2-EN116 Vampire Lord Ultra Rare $13.50
    DB2-EN123 Insect Queen Ultra Rare $11.50
    DB2-EN124 Dark Ruler Ha Des Ultra Rare $13.00
    DB2-EN137 Freed the Matchless General Ultra Rare $12.00
    DB2-EN151 Tyrant Dragon Ultra Rare $15.00
    DB2-EN152 Spear Dragon Super Rare $8.00
    DB2-EN171 Injection Fairy Lily Ultra Rare $13.00
    DB2-EN173 Airknight Parshath Super Rare $7.75
    DB2-EN178 Susa Soldier Super Rare $7.00
    DB2-EN179 Yamata Dragon Super Rare $8.75
    DB2-EN182 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Ultra Rare $13.00
    DB2-EN190 Creature Swap Super Rare $7.25
    DB2-EN220 Great Dezard Super Rare $7.25
    DB2-EN224 Guardian Sphinx Ultra Rare $11.00
    DB2-EN228 Don Zaloog Super Rare $7.50
    DB2-EN229 Fushioh Richie Ultra Rare $13.50
    DB2-EN230 Book of Life Super Rare $8.25
    DB2-EN249 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth Ultra Rare $13.00

    DBT-EN001 Emes the Infinity Super Rare $9.00
    DBT-EN002 D.D. Assailant Super Rare $20.00
    DBT-EN003 Twinheaded Beast Super Rare $6.00

    DCR-000 Vampire Lord Secret Rare $24.00
    DCR-006 Guardian Ceal Ultra Rare $8.00
    DCR-007 Guardian Grarl Ultra Rare $8.00
    DCR-012 Reflect Boundner Ultra Rare $16.00
    DCR-015 Different Dimension Dragon Super Rare $6.00
    DCR-016 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane Ultra Rare $15.00
    DCR-017 Dark Flare Knight Super Rare $8.00
    DCR-018 Mirage Knight Super Rare $6.00
    DCR-019 Berserk Dragon Super Rare $8.00
    DCR-020 Exodia Necross Ultra Rare $21.00
    DCR-027 D.D. Warrior Lady Super Rare $12.00
    DCR-032 Butterfly Dagger - Elma Super Rare $5.50
    DCR-051 Kaiser Glider Ultra Rare $15.00
    DCR-052 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Ultra Rare $7.00
    DCR-053 Cost Down Ultra Rare $15.00
    DCR-072 Terrorking Archfiend Super Rare $8.00
    DCR-073 Skull Archfiend of Lightning Ultra Rare $15.00
    DCR-076 Mudora Super Rare $5.50
    DCR-082 Dark Master - Zorc Super Rare $8.00
    DCR-101 Spell Vanishing Super Rare $5.50
    DCR-104 Blast Held by a Tribute Ultra Rare $9.00
    DCR-105 Judgment of Anubis Secret Rare $11.00

    DDS-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Secret Rare $27.00
    DDS-002 Dark Magician Secret Rare $19.50
    DDS-003 Exodia the Forbidden One Secret Rare $36.00
    DDS-004 Seiyaryu Secret Rare $15.50
    DDS-005 Acid Trap Hole Secret Rare $10.25
    DDS-006 Salamandra Secret Rare $10.50

    DL01-001 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Super Rare $6.00
    DL01-002 Buster Blader Super Rare $15.00
    DL01-E001 Time Wizard Super Rare $22.50
    DL01-E002 Barrel Dragon Super Rare $5.00
    DL02-001 The Masked Beast Super Rare $8.00
    DL02-002 Dark Necrofear Super Rare $4.00
    DL03-001 Necrovalley Super Rare $3.50
    DL04-001 Machine King Super Rare $6.50
    DL05-EN001 Restructer Revolution Super Rare $4.00
    DL06-EN001 Toon Gemini Elf Super Rare $8.00
    DL07-EN001 Toon Goblin Attack Force Super Rare $7.50
    DL08-EN001 Acid Rain Super Rare $10.00
    DL09-EN001 Last Day of Witch Super Rare $9.00
    DL10-EN001 Breath of Light Super Rare $6.50

    DMG-001 Dark Paladin Secret Rare $30.00

    DOD-001 The Winged Dragon of Ra Parallel Rare $29.00
    DOD-002 Dark Sage Parallel Rare $19.00
    DOD-003 Widespread Ruin Parallel Rare $31.00
    DOD-E001 Mesmeric Control Super Rare $7.75

    DOR-001 Alpha the Magnetic Warrior Secret Rare $11.50
    DOR-002 Beta the Magnetic Warrior Secret Rare $13.50
    DOR-003 Gama the Magnetic Warrior Secret Rare $10.50

    DP1-EN005 Winged Kuriboh Rare $4.95
    DP1-EN006 Winged Kuriboh LV10 Rare $5.25
    DP1-EN010 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Super Rare $11.00
    DP1-EN011 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Rare $5.00
    DP1-EN012 Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster Rare $5.00
    DP1-EN013 Elemental Hero Steam Healer Ultra Rare $30.00
    DP1-EN021 Skyscraper Rare $4.50
    DP1-EN022 Burst Return Super Rare $8.00
    DP1-EN023 Bubble Blaster Super Rare $8.00
    DP1-EN024 Bubble Illusion Ultra Rare $11.00
    DP1-EN027 Negate Attack Rare $4.10
    DP1-EN030 Clay Charge Super Rare $8.00

    DP2-EN012 Armed Dragon LV7 Super Rare $10.00
    DP2-EN013 Armed Dragon LV10 Ultra Rare $16.00
    DP2-EN014 XYZ-Dragon Cannon Rare $5.00
    DP2-EN017 VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon Rare $4.10
    DP2-EN024 Magical Mallet Super Rare $8.00
    DP2-EN025 Inferno Reckless Summon Super Rare $9.50
    DP2-EN026 Ring of Defense Ultra Rare $14.00
    DP2-EN030 The Grave of Enkindling Super Rare $9.00

    DP3-EN009 Card Trooper Ultra Rare $42.00
    DP3-EN012 Elemental Hero Aqua Neos Rare $4.50
    DP3-EN013 Elemental Hero Flare Neos Rare $4.50
    DP3-EN014 Elemental Hero Dark Neos Super Rare $9.50
    DP3-EN025 Light Laser Super Rare $9.50
    DP3-EN026 Burial From A Different Dimension Ultra Rare $18.00
    DP3-EN029 Edge Hammer Super Rare $10.00
    DP3-EN030 Kid Guard Super Rare $8.00

    DP4-EN001 Cyber Dragon Rare $28.00
    DP4-EN002 Cyber Barrier Dragon Rare $6.00
    DP4-EN003 Cyber Laser Dragon Rare $7.00
    DP4-EN010 Infernal Dragon Ultra Rare $18.00
    DP4-EN011 Cyber Twin Dragon Rare $5.00
    DP4-EN012 Cyber End Dragon Rare $6.00
    DP4-EN013 Chimeratech Overdragon Rare $9.00
    DP4-EN014 Cyberdark Dragon Super Rare $18.00
    DP4-EN024 Ruthless Denial Super Rare $6.00
    DP4-EN028 Return Soul Super Rare $6.00
    DP4-EN029 Damage Polarizer Ultra Rare $15.00
    DP4-EN030 Fusion Guard Super Rare $8.00

    DP5-EN011 Destiny Hero - Malicious Ultra Rare $26.00
    DP5-EN012 Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer Rare $4.50
    DP5-EN013 Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer Super Rare $11.50
    DP5-EN020 Destiny Draw Ultra Rare $29.00
    DP5-EN021 Over Destiny Super Rare $9.00
    DP5-EN029 D - Counter Super Rare $9.50
    DP5-EN030 Eternal Dread Super Rare $9.00

    DPK-ENSE1 Blockman Secret Rare $6.00
    DPK-ENSE2 Treasure Map Secret Rare $4.50
    DPK-ENSE3 Hero Spirit Secret Rare $4.00

    DR1-EN006 Helpoemer Super Rare $10.00
    DR1-EN017 Mystical Knight of Jackal Super Rare $9.00
    DR1-EN024 Spirit Reaper Rare $4.30
    DR1-EN032 Necrovalley Super Rare $10.00
    DR1-EN041 Coffin Seller Super Rare $8.50
    DR1-EN051 Lava Golem Ultra Rare $13.00
    DR1-EN052 Byser Shock Ultra Rare $12.50
    DR1-EN053 Question Super Rare $8.00
    DR1-EN055 Nightmare Wheel Ultra Rare $14.00
    DR1-EN059 X-Head Cannon Rare $4.50
    DR1-EN060 Y-Dragon Head Rare $4.50
    DR1-EN061 Z-Metal Tank Rare $4.50
    DR1-EN075 Spell Canceller Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR1-EN081 Paladin of White Dragon Super Rare $11.00
    DR1-EN098 Spell Shield Type-8 Super Rare $7.50
    DR1-EN106 XY-Dragon Cannon Rare $4.50
    DR1-EN107 XYZ-Dragon Cannon Ultra Rare $15.50
    DR1-EN108 XZ-Tank Cannon Rare $4.45
    DR1-EN109 YZ-Tank Dragon Rare $4.50
    DR1-EN116 Amazoness Swords Woman Super Rare $10.00
    DR1-EN119 Skilled White Magician Rare $4.30
    DR1-EN120 Skilled Dark Magician Rare $4.30
    DR1-EN123 Chaos Command Magician Super Rare $10.00
    DR1-EN126 Breaker the Magical Warrior Ultra Rare $21.00
    DR1-EN131 Tribe-Infecting Virus Rare $5.00
    DR1-EN151 Amazoness Archers Super Rare $7.00
    DR1-EN160 Dark Paladin Ultra Rare $20.00
    DR1-EN161 Double Spell Ultra Rare $13.50
    DR1-EN162 Diffusion Wave-Motion Ultra Rare $12.50
    DR1-EN174 Reflect Boundner Super Rare $8.00
    DR1-EN177 Different Dimension Dragon Super Rare $12.00
    DR1-EN178 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane Super Rare $10.75
    DR1-EN179 Dark Flare Knight Super Rare $10.00
    DR1-EN180 Mirage Knight Super Rare $10.50
    DR1-EN181 Berserk Dragon Super Rare $10.75
    DR1-EN182 Exodia Necross Super Rare $18.75
    DR1-EN189 D.D. Warrior Lady Super Rare $10.75
    DR1-EN213 Kaiser Glider Ultra Rare $14.00
    DR1-EN214 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Ultra Rare $13.00
    DR1-EN215 Cost Down Ultra Rare $16.50
    DR1-EN234 Terrorking Archfiend Super Rare $8.75
    DR1-EN235 Skull Archfiend of Lightning Ultra Rare $13.00
    DR1-EN244 Dark Master - Zorc Super Rare $7.75
    DR1-EN266 Blast Held by a Tribute Ultra Rare $12.50
    DR1-EN267 Judgment of Anubis Ultra Rare $12.00

    DR2-EN007 Strike Ninja Ultra Rare $16.00
    DR2-EN013 Berserk Gorilla Rare $4.85
    DR2-EN014 Freed the Brave Wanderer Super Rare $6.00
    DR2-EN018 Chaosrider Gustaph Super Rare $5.00
    DR2-EN025 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Ultra Rare $19.00
    DR2-EN039 D. D. Designator Super Rare $6.00
    DR2-EN045 Reload Super Rare $6.00
    DR2-EN047 Big Burn Super Rare $5.00
    DR2-EN054 Dark Mirror Force Super Rare $10.00
    DR2-EN056 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Ultra Rare $17.00
    DR2-EN066 Dark Magician of Chaos Ultra Rare $16.00
    DR2-EN068 Manticore of Darkness Super Rare $12.00
    DR2-EN076 Black Tyranno Ultra Rare $16.00
    DR2-EN081 Insect Princess Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR2-EN084 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus Ultra Rare $15.00
    DR2-EN088 Guardian Angel Joan Super Rare $8.00
    DR2-EN091 Ryu Kokki Super Rare $5.00
    DR2-EN095 Dimension Fusion Super Rare $11.00
    DR2-EN096 Dedication Through Light and Darkness Super Rare $6.00
    DR2-EN112 Invader of Darkness Ultra Rare $13.00
    DR2-EN118 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Super Rare $8.00
    DR2-EN130 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress Super Rare $8.00
    DR2-EN134 Blowback Dragon Ultra Rare $16.00
    DR2-EN135 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Super Rare $12.25
    DR2-EN146 Archlord Zerato Ultra Rare $12.25
    DR2-EN149 Enemy Controller Super Rare $11.00
    DR2-EN150 Burst Stream of Destruction Super Rare $5.00
    DR2-EN168 Mazera DeVille Ultra Rare $14.00
    DR2-EN175 Spirit of the Pharaoh Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR2-EN180 Legacy Hunter Super Rare $6.00
    DR2-EN184 Ghost Knight of Jackal Ultra Rare $15.00
    DR2-EN189 Emissary of the Afterlife Super Rare $6.00
    DR2-EN208 Dark Magic Attack Ultra Rare $15.00
    DR2-EN214 The First Sarcophagus Super Rare $5.00
    DR2-EN218 Curse of Anubis Super Rare $5.00
    DR2-EN224 The End of Anubis Ultra Rare $16.00

    DR3-EN007 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN008 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN012 Mystic Swordsman LV4 Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN015 Armed Dragon LV7 Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN022 Mobius the Frost Monarch Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN033 Penumbral Soldier Lady Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN042 Inferno Fire Blast Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN043 Ectoplasmer Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN055 Greed Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN057 Null and Void Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN060 Hallowed Life Barrier Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN065 The Creator Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN068 Mystic Swordsman LV6 Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN069 Silent Swordsman LV3 Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN072 Perfect Machine King Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN081 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN090 Big Core Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN092 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive Rare $5.50
    DR3-EN099 Triangle Ecstasy Spark Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN105 Monster Reincarnation Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN109 Tragedy Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN110 Divine Wrath Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN117 Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN125 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN128 Silent Swordsman LV5 Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN129 Granmarg the Rock Monarch Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN134 Behemoth the King of All Animals Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN140 Blast Magician Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN142 Gearfried the Swordmaster Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN155 Gatling Dragon Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN156 King Dragun Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN157 A Feather of the Phoenix Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN160 Lightning Vortex Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN178 Deck Devastation Virus Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN185 Winged Kuriboh Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN186 Ancient Gear Golem Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN190 Ultimate Insect LV7 Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN192 Hieracosphinx Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN195 Megarock Dragon Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN200 Master Monk Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN213 Reshef The Dark Being Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN215 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN216 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Ultra Rare $12.00
    DR3-EN217 Card of Sanctity Super Rare $8.00
    DR3-EN218 Brain Control Super Rare $8.00

    EDS-001 Exchange Parallel Rare $14.00
    EDS-002 Graceful Dice Parallel Rare $18.00
    EDS-003 Skull Dice Parallel Rare $18.00

    EEN-EN004u Queen's Knight Ultimate Rare $7.00
    EEN-EN005u Jack's Knight Ultimate Rare $7.75
    EEN-EN006u King's Knight Ultimate Rare $6.75
    EEN-EN007 Elemental Hero Bladedge Super Rare $8.00
    EEN-EN007u Elemental Hero Bladedge Ultimate Rare $13.75
    EEN-EN010u Chthonian Soldier Ultimate Rare $9.00
    EEN-EN015 Water Dragon Super Rare $9.50
    EEN-EN015u Water Dragon Ultimate Rare $14.50
    EEN-EN017 B.E.S. Tetran Super Rare $7.00
    EEN-EN017u B.E.S. Tetran Ultimate Rare $11.00
    EEN-EN019u Rapid-Fire Magician Ultimate Rare $7.50
    EEN-EN021u Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Ultimate Rare $9.00
    EEN-EN022 Brron, Mad King of Dark World Rare $4.25
    EEN-EN022u Brron, Mad King of Dark World Ultimate Rare $10.00
    EEN-EN023 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Rare $4.50
    EEN-EN023u Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Ultimate Rare $13.50
    EEN-EN024 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Super Rare $9.50
    EEN-EN024u Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Ultimate Rare $19.00
    EEN-EN031 VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon Super Rare $9.00
    EEN-EN031u VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon Ultimate Rare $13.50
    EEN-EN032 Cyber Blader Super Rare $8.00
    EEN-EN032u Cyber Blader Ultimate Rare $12.00
    EEN-EN033 Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster Ultra Rare $19.50
    EEN-EN033u Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster Ultimate Rare $23.00
    EEN-EN034 Elemental Hero Tempest Ultra Rare $21.00
    EEN-EN034u Elemental Hero Tempest Ultimate Rare $23.00
    EEN-EN035 Elemental Hero Wildedge Ultra Rare $19.50
    EEN-EN035u Elemental Hero Wildedge Ultimate Rare $23.00
    EEN-EN036 Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman Ultra Rare $24.00
    EEN-EN036u Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman Ultimate Rare $26.00
    EEN-EN037 Pot of Avarice Super Rare $12.75
    EEN-EN037u Pot of Avarice Ultimate Rare $15.50
    EEN-EN042u Feather Shot Ultimate Rare $9.00
    EEN-EN044u Chthonian Alliance Ultimate Rare $7.50
    EEN-EN045u Armed Changer Ultimate Rare $6.75
    EEN-EN049u Hero Barrier Ultimate Rare $6.75
    EEN-EN050u Chthonian Blast Ultimate Rare $9.00
    EEN-EN060u Level Limit - Area A Ultimate Rare $7.75

    EEN-ENSE1 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 Secret Rare $7.00
    EEN-ENSE2 The Creator Secret Rare $6.00
    EEN-ENSE3 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Secret Rare $8.00
    EEN-ENSE4 Silent Swordsman LV5 Secret Rare $5.50

    EHC1-EN001 Elemental Hero Avian Secret Rare $20.00
    EHC1-EN002 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix Secret Rare $20.00
    EHC1-EN003 Elemental Hero Bubbleman Secret Rare $18.00
    EHC1-EN004 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Secret Rare $19.00
    EHC2-EN001 Elemental Hero Sparkman Secret Rare $18.50
    EHC2-EN002 Elemental Hero Clayman Secret Rare $14.50
    EHC2-EN003 Elemental Hero Wildheart Secret Rare $18.00
    EHC2-EN004 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Secret Rare $20.00

    EM1-EN001 Machine King Ultra Rare $12.00

    EOJ-EN003u Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude Ultimate Rare $11.25
    EOJ-EN004 Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster Ultra Rare $20.00
    EOJ-EN004u Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster Ultimate Rare $11.25
    EOJ-EN007 Cyber Prima Super Rare $6.00
    EOJ-EN007u Cyber Prima Ultimate Rare $13.75
    EOJ-EN009 Cyber Phoenix Super Rare $9.75
    EOJ-EN009u Cyber Phoenix Ultimate Rare $18.50
    EOJ-EN011 Victory Viper XX03 Super Rare $6.75
    EOJ-EN011u Victory Viper XX03 Ultimate Rare $11.75
    EOJ-EN013u Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon Ultimate Rare $12.25
    EOJ-EN015u Majestic Mech - Ohka Ultimate Rare $12.25
    EOJ-EN016 Majestic Mech - Goryu Super Rare $6.75
    EOJ-EN016u Majestic Mech - Goryu Ultimate Rare $15.25
    EOJ-EN018u Herald of Green Light Ultimate Rare $10.00
    EOJ-EN019u Herald of Purple Light Ultimate Rare $10.50
    EOJ-EN022u Banisher of the Radiance Ultimate Rare $11.25
    EOJ-EN023 Voltanis the Adjudicator Ultra Rare $14.50
    EOJ-EN023u Voltanis the Adjudicator Ultimate Rare $17.00
    EOJ-EN031 Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon Super Rare $6.50
    EOJ-EN031u Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon Ultimate Rare $13.25
    EOJ-EN032 Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer Ultra Rare $23.00
    EOJ-EN032u Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer Ultimate Rare $19.50
    EOJ-EN033 Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer Ultra Rare $25.00
    EOJ-EN033u Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer Ultimate Rare $21.00
    EOJ-EN035 Elemental Hero Wild Wingman Super Rare $8.50
    EOJ-EN035u Elemental Hero Wild Wingman Ultimate Rare $14.50
    EOJ-EN042u HERO Flash!! Ultimate Rare $10.50
    EOJ-EN045u Guard Penalty Ultimate Rare $11.00
    EOJ-EN048 Clock Tower Prison Super Rare $6.00
    EOJ-EN048u Clock Tower Prison Ultimate Rare $12.25
    EOJ-EN049u Life Equalizer Ultimate Rare $10.00
    EOJ-EN051u Destruction of Destiny Ultimate Rare $10.00
    EOJ-EN053u D - Time Ultimate Rare $11.25
    EOJ-EN056u Elemental Absorber Ultimate Rare $12.50
    EOJ-EN058 Miraculous Descent Rare $9.50
    EOJ-EN058u Miraculous Descent Ultimate Rare $3.00
    EOJ-EN060u Forced Back Ultimate Rare $12.25

    EP1-EN001 Theinen the Great Sphinx Ultra Rare $3.50
    EP1-EN002 Andro Sphinx Ultra Rare $3.50
    EP1-EN003 Sphinx Teleia Ultra Rare $3.50

    FET-EN005 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Ultra Rare $19.00
    FET-EN005u Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Ultimate Rare $22.00
    FET-EN007u Ultimate Insect LV5 Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FET-EN008 Silent Swordsman LV5 Ultra Rare $17.00
    FET-EN008u Silent Swordsman LV5 Ultimate Rare $16.00
    FET-EN009 Granmarg the Rock Monarch Super Rare $6.00
    FET-EN009u Granmarg the Rock Monarch Ultimate Rare $11.75
    FET-EN014 Behemoth the King of All Animals Super Rare $5.00
    FET-EN014u Behemoth the King of All Animals Ultimate Rare $11.00
    FET-EN015u Big-Tusked Mammoth Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FET-EN020 Blast Magician Super Rare $6.00
    FET-EN020u Blast Magician Ultimate Rare $11.25
    FET-EN021u Chiron the Mage Ultimate Rare $12.00
    FET-EN022 Gearfried the Swordmaster Ultra Rare $17.00
    FET-EN022u Gearfried the Swordmaster Ultimate Rare $15.00
    FET-EN024u Shadowslayer Ultimate Rare $11.25
    FET-EN034u Brain Jacker Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FET-EN035 Gatling Dragon Ultra Rare $16.00
    FET-EN035u Gatling Dragon Ultimate Rare $19.00
    FET-EN036 King Dragun Super Rare $13.00
    FET-EN036u King Dragun Ultimate Rare $16.00
    FET-EN037 A Feather of the Phoenix Super Rare $6.00
    FET-EN037u A Feather of the Phoenix Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FET-EN039u Spell Absorption Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FET-EN040 Lightning Vortex Super Rare $9.00
    FET-EN040u Lightning Vortex Ultimate Rare $13.00
    FET-EN041u Meteor of Destruction Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FET-EN042u Swords of Concealing Light Ultimate Rare $11.25
    FET-EN043u Spiral Spear Strike Ultimate Rare $6.50
    FET-EN049u Cross Counter Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FET-EN051u Penalty Game! Ultimate Rare $9.00
    FET-EN053u Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Ultimate Rare $12.00
    FET-EN056u Assault on GHQ Ultimate Rare $9.00
    FET-EN058 Deck Devastation Virus Super Rare $12.00
    FET-EN058u Deck Devastation Virus Ultimate Rare $15.00
    FET-EN060u Forced Ceasefire Ultimate Rare $8.50

    FL1-EN001 Blue Eyes White Dragon Secret Rare $21.00
    FL1-EN002 Dark Magician Secret Rare $15.00
    FL1-EN003 Kuriboh Secret Rare $5.00

    FMR-001 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon Secret Rare $42.00
    FMR-002 Harpies Pet Dragon Secret Rare $47.00
    FMR-003 Metalmorph Secret Rare $37.00

    FOTB-EN000 Volcanic Rocket Secret Rare $30.00
    FOTB-EN004u Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger Ultimate Rare $12.00
    FOTB-EN007 Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Ultra Rare $18.00
    FOTB-EN007u Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Ultimate Rare $22.00
    FOTB-EN008 Volcanic Doomfire Ultra Rare $18.00
    FOTB-EN008u Volcanic Doomfire Ultimate Rare $22.00
    FOTB-EN009u Volcanic Shell Ultimate Rare $12.00
    FOTB-EN012u Volcanic Slicer Ultimate Rare $12.00
    FOTB-EN014 Elemental Hero Captain Gold Ultra Rare $15.00
    FOTB-EN014u Elemental Hero Captain Gold Ultimate Rare $20.00
    FOTB-EN015u Gravekeeper's Commandant Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN016u Warrior of Atlantis Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN017u Destroyersaurus Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN018u Zeradias, Herald of Heaven Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN019u Archfiend General Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FOTB-EN020u Harpie Queen Ultimate Rare $12.00
    FOTB-EN021 Sky Scourge Enrise Super Rare $6.00
    FOTB-EN021u Sky Scourge Enrise Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FOTB-EN022 Sky Scourge Norleras Super Rare $6.00
    FOTB-EN022u Sky Scourge Norleras Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FOTB-EN023 Sky Scourge Invicil Super Rare $6.00
    FOTB-EN023u Sky Scourge Invicil Ultimate Rare $10.00
    FOTB-EN024u Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN026 Raiza the Storm Monarch Super Rare $16.00
    FOTB-EN026u Raiza the Storm Monarch Ultimate Rare $22.00
    FOTB-EN031 Soul of Fire Super Rare $5.00
    FOTB-EN031u Soul of Fire Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN033 Rare Value Ultra Rare $12.00
    FOTB-EN033u Rare Value Ultimate Rare $18.00
    FOTB-EN037u Lucky Iron Axe Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN041 Tri-Blaze Accelerator Super Rare $7.00
    FOTB-EN041u Tri-Blaze Accelerator Ultimate Rare $11.00
    FOTB-EN045u Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN046u Triggered Summon Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN055 Radiant Mirror Force Super Rare $12.00
    FOTB-EN055u Radiant Mirror Force Ultimate Rare $16.00
    FOTB-EN060u Fire Wall Ultimate Rare $8.00
    FOTB-EN061 Diabolos, King of the Abyss Secret Rare $30.00
    FOTB-EN062 Lich Lord, King of the Underworld Secret Rare $30.00
    FOTB-EN063 Prometheus, King of the Shadows Secret Rare $30.00
    FOTB-EN064 Mist Archfiend Secret Rare $30.00
    FOTB-EN065 Plague Wolf Secret Rare $30.00
    FOTB-EN066 Recurring Nightmare Secret Rare $30.00
    FOTB-EN067 Sword of Dark Rites Secret Rare $30.00
    FOTB-EN068 Eradicator Epidemic Virus Secret Rare $30.00

    FOTB-ENSP1 Volcanic Rocket Super Rare $9.75

    GB1-001 Slifer the Sky Dragon Ultra Rare $30.00
    GB1-001* Slifer the Sky Dragon Secret Rare $34.00
    GB1-002 Obelisk the Tormentor Ultra Rare $30.00
    GB1-002* Obelisk the Tormentor Secret Rare $40.00
    GB1-003 The Winged Dragon of Ra Ultra Rare $28.00
    GB1-003* The Winged Dragon of Ra Secret Rare $32.00

    GSE-EN001 Elemental Hero Wildheart Secret Rare $9.50

    GX01-EN001 Elemental Hero Necroshade Super Rare $16.00
    GX01-EN002 Winged Kuriboh Super Rare $12.00
    GX01-EN003 Hero Ring Super Rare $15.00
    GX02-EN001 Phantom Beast Cross-Wing Super Rare $14.00
    GX02-EN002 Phantom Beast Wild-Horn Super Rare $12.00
    GX02-EN003 Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus Super Rare $18.75
    GX03-EN001 Brain Crusher Super Rare $12.50
    GX03-EN002 Hunter Owl Super Rare $13.75
    GX03-EN003 Masked Chopper Super Rare $8.50

    HL1-EN002 Greenkappa Super Rare $9.00
    HL1-EN004 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus Super Rare $7.50
    HL1-EN006 King of the Swamp Super Rare $8.00
    HL2-EN001 Cyber Jar Parallel Rare $11.50
    HL2-EN002 Mystical Space Typhoon Parallel Rare $12.75
    HL2-EN003 Sangan Parallel Rare $14.50
    HL2-EN004 Heavy Storm Parallel Rare $12.50
    HL2-EN005 Marauding Captain Parallel Rare $14.00
    HL2-EN006 Fissure Parallel Rare $19.50
    HL3-EN001 Giant Rat Parallel Rare $14.50
    HL3-EN002 Creature Swap Parallel Rare $9.50
    HL3-EN003 Trap Hole Parallel Rare $13.75
    HL3-EN004 Spear Dragon Parallel Rare $18.50
    HL3-EN005 Mystic Tomato Parallel Rare $11.00
    HL3-EN006 Royal Decree Parallel Rare $28.00
    HL3-EN007 Dark Balter the Terrible Parallel Rare $8.00

    IOC-000 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Secret Rare $26.00
    IOC-007 Strike Ninja Ultra Rare $16.00
    IOC-012 D. D. Scout Plane Super Rare $8.00
    IOC-014 Freed the Brave Wanderer Super Rare $6.50
    IOC-018 Chaosrider Gustaph Super Rare $5.00
    IOC-025 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Ultra Rare $30.00
    IOC-033 Wild Nature's Release Super Rare $6.00
    IOC-039 D. D. Designator Super Rare $7.50
    IOC-045 Reload Super Rare $5.00
    IOC-047 Big Burn Super Rare $5.00
    IOC-054 Dark Mirror Force Ultra Rare $14.00
    IOC-065 Dark Magician of Chaos Ultra Rare $30.00
    IOC-067 Manticore of Darkness Ultra Rare $13.00
    IOC-075 Black Tyranno Ultra Rare $15.00
    IOC-080 Insect Princess Ultra Rare $9.00
    IOC-083 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus Ultra Rare $11.00
    IOC-084 Orca Mega - Fortress of Darkness Super Rare $5.00
    IOC-087 Guardian Angel Joan Ultra Rare $17.00
    IOC-094 Dimension Fusion Ultra Rare $12.50
    IOC-095 Dedication Through Light and Darkness Super Rare $6.00
    IOC-110 Trap Jammer Super Rare $5.00
    IOC-111 Invader of Darkness Secret Rare $10.00
    IOC-SE1 Gemini Elf Ultra Rare $12.50
    IOC-SE2 Magic Cylinder Ultra Rare $15.00
    IOC-SE3 Ring of Destruction Ultra Rare $25.00
    IOC-SE4 Lava Golem Ultra Rare $12.50

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Canceled user

Subject: L Thru T Pricing   PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 7:47 am Reply with quote

    JMP-001 Blue Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare $15.00
    JMP-002 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Ultra Rare $10.00
    JMP-EN003 Archfiend of Gilfer Ultra Rare $15.00
    JMP-EN004 Obelisk the Tormentor Secret Rare $22.00
    JMP-EN005 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Ultra Rare $11.50
    JMP-EN005* Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Secret Rare $17.50
    JUMP-EN006 Unity Ultra Rare $10.00
    JUMP-EN007 Yu-Jo Friendship Ultra Rare $12.00
    JUMP-EN008 Judgement of the Pharaoh Ultra Rare $15.00
    JUMP-EN009 Magician's Valkyria Ultra Rare $13.00
    JUMP-EN010 Toon Dark Magician Girl Ultra Rare $14.00
    JUMP-EN011 Victory Dragon Secret Rare $16.00
    JUMP-EN012 Elemental Hero Stratos Ultra Rare $18.75
    JUMP-EN013 Elemental Hero Ocean Ultra Rare $16.50

    LOB-000 Tri-Horned Dragon Secret Rare $25.00
    LOB-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare $15.00
    LOB-003 Flame Swordsman Super Rare $9.00
    LOB-005 Dark Magician Ultra Rare $14.00
    LOB-006 Gaia The Fierce Knight Ultra Rare $11.00
    LOB-007 Celtic Guardian Super Rare $6.50
    LOB-052 Dark Hole Super Rare $9.00
    LOB-053 Raigeki Super Rare $11.00
    LOB-058 Trap Hole Super Rare $6.50
    LOB-059 Polymerization Super Rare $8.00
    LOB-062 Mystical Elf Super Rare $6.50
    LOB-066 Curse of Dragon Super Rare $5.00
    LOB-070 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Ultra Rare $17.00
    LOB-101 Swords of Revealing Light Super Rare $10.00
    LOB-108 Man-Eater Bug Super Rare $6.00
    LOB-118 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare $12.00
    LOB-120 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare $19.00
    LOB-121 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare $18.00
    LOB-122 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare $18.00
    LOB-123 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare $22.00
    LOB-124 Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare $25.00
    LOB-125 Gaia the Dragon Champion Secret Rare $23.00

    LOD-000 Yata Garasu Secret Rare $18.00
    LOD-001 Dark Ruler Ha Des Ultra Rare $11.00
    LOD-002 Dark Balter the Terrible Super Rare $7.75
    LOD-016 Freed the Matchless General Ultra Rare $12.00
    LOD-018 Marauding Captain Ultra Rare $12.00
    LOD-019 Ryu Senshi Super Rare $6.00
    LOD-023 Exiled Force Super Rare $7.75
    LOD-028 Reinforcement of the Army Super Rare $6.75
    LOD-034 Tyrant Dragon Ultra Rare $17.00
    LOD-035 Spear Dragon Super Rare $8.00
    LOD-039 Fiend Skull Dragon Super Rare $7.00
    LOD-050 Luster Dragon (#2) Super Rare $6.50
    LOD-056 Fiber Jar Ultra Rare $14.00
    LOD-062 Airknight Parshath Ultra Rare $14.25
    LOD-063 Twin-Headed Behemoth Super Rare $6.75
    LOD-067 Yamata Dragon Ultra Rare $13.00
    LOD-070 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Ultra Rare $8.00
    LOD-071 Asura Priest Super Rare $7.00
    LOD-081 Creature Swap Ultra Rare $13.00
    LOD-092 Bottomless Trap Hole Rare $5.00
    LOD-097 Drop Off Super Rare $5.00
    LOD-099 Last Turn Ultra Rare $12.00
    LOD-100 Injection Fairy Lily Secret Rare $20.00

    LON-000 Gemini Elf Secret Rare $24.00
    LON-001 The Masked Beast Ultra Rare $11.00
    LON-006 Revival Jam Super Rare $8.00
    LON-017 Mask of Dispel Super Rare $5.50
    LON-018 Mask of Restrict Ultra Rare $10.00
    LON-019 Mask of the Accursed Super Rare $6.00
    LON-025 Torrential Tribute Ultra Rare $15.00
    LON-029 Card of Safe Return Ultra Rare $8.75
    LON-034 Fire Princess Super Rare $6.00
    LON-047 Jar of Greed Super Rare $6.00
    LON-049 United We Stand Ultra Rare $13.00
    LON-050 Mage Power Ultra Rare $15.00
    LON-062 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Super Rare $8.25
    LON-064 Bazoo the Soul-Eater Super Rare $7.00
    LON-065 Dark Necrofear Ultra Rare $10.00
    LON-077 The Last Warrior from Another Planet Ultra Rare $9.00
    LON-079 Dark Spirit of the Silent Super Rare $5.50
    LON-080 Royal Command Ultra Rare $11.00
    LON-081 Riryoku Field Super Rare $6.00
    LON-088 Destiny Board Ultra Rare $15.00
    LON-097 De-Fusion Super Rare $7.00
    LON-104 Magic Cylinder Secret Rare $22.00

    MC1-EN001 Exodia the Forbidden One Secret Rare $13.50
    MC1-EN002 Barrel Dragon Secret Rare $6.50
    MC1-EN003 Relinquished Secret Rare $4.50
    MC1-EN004 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Secret Rare $10.00
    MC1-EN005 Dark Necrofear Secret Rare $7.50
    MC1-EN006 Dark Ruler Ha Des Secret Rare $6.25
    MC2-EN001 Guardian Sphinx Secret Rare $7.50
    MC2-EN002 Breaker the Magical Warrior Secret Rare $15.50
    MC2-EN003 Exodia Necross Secret Rare $16.50
    MC2-EN004 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Secret Rare $26.00
    MC2-EN005 Blowback Dragon Secret Rare $12.00
    MC2-EN006 Theinen the Great Sphinx Secret Rare $4.50

    MF01-EN001 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Parallel Rare $24.00
    MF02-EN002 Elemental Hero Wildedge Parallel Rare $20.00
    MF02-EN003 Cyber End Dragon Parallel Rare $10.00
    MF02-EN004 Water Dragon Parallel Rare $16.00
    MF03-EN002 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix Parallel Rare $22.00
    MF03-EN004 Elemental Hero Sparkman Parallel Rare $20.00
    MF03-EN005 Elemental Hero Bladedge Parallel Rare $16.00
    MF03-EN006 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Parallel Rare $22.00
    MF03-EN007 Elemental Hero Bubbleman Parallel Rare $22.00
    MF03-EN011 Chthonian Soldier Parallel Rare $9.50

    MFC-000 Dark Magician Girl Secret Rare $28.00
    MFC-004 X-Head Cannon Super Rare $8.75
    MFC-005 Y-Dragon Head Super Rare $9.25
    MFC-006 Z-Metal Tank Super Rare $9.50
    MFC-020 Spell Canceller Ultra Rare $13.00
    MFC-026 Paladin of White Dragon Ultra Rare $13.50
    MFC-043 Spell Shield Type-8 Super Rare $8.00
    MFC-051 XY-Dragon Cannon Ultra Rare $12.00
    MFC-052 XYZ-Dragon Cannon Ultra Rare $14.50
    MFC-053 XZ-Tank Cannon Super Rare $9.00
    MFC-054 YZ-Tank Dragon Super Rare $8.50
    MFC-058 Luster Dragon Ultra Rare $13.50
    MFC-061 Amazoness Swords Woman Ultra Rare $15.00
    MFC-064 Skilled White Magician Super Rare $8.00
    MFC-065 Skilled Dark Magician Super Rare $9.50
    MFC-068 Chaos Command Magician Ultra Rare $15.00
    MFC-071 Breaker the Magical Warrior Ultra Rare $17.50
    MFC-076 Tribe-Infecting Virus Super Rare $9.50
    MFC-096 Amazoness Archers Super Rare $8.00
    MFC-105 Dark Paladin Ultra Rare $22.00
    MFC-105* Dark Paladin Ultra Rare $30.00
    MFC-106 Double Spell Ultra Rare $10.50
    MFC-107 Diffusion Wave-Motion Secret Rare $14.50

    MOV-EN001 Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Super Rare $10.00

    MP1-001 Millennium Shield Ultra Rare $26.00
    MP1-002 Cosmo Queen Ultra Rare $26.00
    MP1-003 Goddess of Whim Super Rare $9.50
    MP1-006 Takriminos Super Rare $8.00
    MP1-015 Dark-Piercing Light Super Rare $6.25

    MPD2-EN001 Elemental Hero Electrum Rare $8.00
    MPD2-EN002 Elemental Hero Mudballman Rare $9.50
    MPD2-EN003 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix Rare $6.50
    MPD2-EN004 The Flute of Summoned Kuriboh Rare $6.50
    MPD2-EN006 White-Horned Dragon Rare $11.75
    MPD2-EN008 Meteor Dragon Rare $6.00
    MPD2-EN010 Metal Guardian Rare $4.50

    MRD-000 Gate Guardian Secret Rare $30.00
    MRD-003 Summoned Skull Ultra Rare $15.00
    MRD-009 Harpie Lady Sisters Super Rare $7.50
    MRD-018 B. Skull Dragon Ultra Rare $17.50
    MRD-025 Sanga of the Thunder Super Rare $9.00
    MRD-026 Kazejin Super Rare $7.25
    MRD-027 Suijin Super Rare $8.50
    MRD-036 Magician of Faith Rare $4.65
    MRD-057 Tribute to The Doomed Super Rare $6.50
    MRD-060 Change of Heart Ultra Rare $15.00
    MRD-065 Time Wizard Ultra Rare $13.50
    MRD-069 Sangan Rare $4.50
    MRD-070 Great Moth Rare $4.45
    MRD-071 Kuriboh Super Rare $8.00
    MRD-075 Catapult Turtle Super Rare $6.00
    MRD-113 Dark Elf Rare $4.45
    MRD-120 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Super Rare $7.50
    MRD-125 Garnecia Elefantis Super Rare $5.50
    MRD-126 Barrel Dragon Ultra Rare $14.00
    MRD-127 Solemn Judgment Ultra Rare $14.00
    MRD-128 Magic Jammer Ultra Rare $12.00
    MRD-129 Seven Tools of the Bandit Ultra Rare $9.50
    MRD-130 Horn of Heaven Ultra Rare $10.00
    MRD-138 Mirror Force Ultra Rare $25.00
    MRD-142 Heavy Storm Super Rare $9.00
    MRD-143 Thousand Dragon Secret Rare $14.50

    MRL-000 Blue Eyes Toon Dragon Secret Rare $15.00
    MRL-002 Axe of Despair Ultra Rare $12.00
    MRL-003 Black Pendant Super Rare $3.00
    MRL-006 Spellbinding Circle Ultra Rare $10.00
    MRL-012 Maha Vailo Super Rare $4.00
    MRL-026 Invader of the Throne Super Rare $3.00
    MRL-029 Relinquished Ultra Rare $12.00
    MRL-036 Snatch Steal Ultra Rare $14.00
    MRL-038 Confiscation Super Rare $3.00
    MRL-039 Delinquent Duo Ultra Rare $14.00
    MRL-045 The Forceful Sentry Ultra Rare $7.50
    MRL-047 Mystical Space Typhoon Ultra Rare $15.00
    MRL-048 Giant Trunade Super Rare $5.00
    MRL-049 Painful Choice Super Rare $5.00
    MRL-051 Black Illusion Ritual Super Rare $3.00
    MRL-061 Megamorph Ultra Rare $15.00
    MRL-072 Toon Mermaid Ultra Rare $6.00
    MRL-073 Toon Summoned Skull Ultra Rare $8.00
    MRL-076 Toon World Super Rare $5.00
    MRL-078 Banisher of the Light Super Rare $3.00
    MRL-085 Giant Germ Rare $4.55
    MRL-086 Nimble Momonga Rare $4.25
    MRL-094 Mystic Tomato Rare $4.55
    MRL-102 Messenger of Peace Super Rare $4.00
    MRL-103 Serpent Night Dragon Secret Rare $16.00

    NTR-EN001 Silent Magician LV4 Super Rare $16.00
    NTR-EN002 Silent Magician LV8 Super Rare $14.00
    NTR-EN003 Magician's Circle Super Rare $17.00

    PCJ-EN001 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Secret Rare $14.00
    PCJ-EN002 Sebek's Blessing Secret Rare $13.50
    PCJ-EN003 Sword of Dragon's Soul Secret Rare $18.00

    PCK-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Parallel Rare $25.00
    PCK-002 Aqua Chorus Parallel Rare $18.00
    PCK-003 Seal of the Ancients Parallel Rare $20.00

    PCY-E001 Windstorm of Etaqua Parallel Rare $10.00
    PCY-E002 Anti-spell Fragrance Parallel Rare $15.00
    PCY-E003 Thousand Knives Parallel Rare $20.00
    PCY-E004 Dark Magician Parallel Rare $59.00
    PCY-E005 Kuriboh Parallel Rare $85.00
    PCY-EN001 Windstorm of Etaqua Parallel Rare $10.00
    PCY-EN002 Anti-spell Fragrance Parallel Rare $15.00
    PCY-EN003 Thousand Knives Parallel Rare $20.00
    PCY-EN004 Dark Magician Parallel Rare $59.00
    PCY-EN005 Kuriboh Parallel Rare $85.00

    PGD-000 Ring of Destruction Secret Rare $22.00
    PGD-015 Sasuke Samurai Super Rare $5.25
    PGD-020 Great Dezard Ultra Rare $9.75
    PGD-025 Guardian Sphinx Ultra Rare $12.25
    PGD-029 Don Zaloog Ultra Rare $16.00
    PGD-031 Fushioh Richie Ultra Rare $12.00
    PGD-033 Book of Life Super Rare $5.00
    PGD-036 Mirage of Nightmare Super Rare $4.60
    PGD-046 Statue of the Wicked Super Rare $5.00
    PGD-058 Helpoemer Ultra Rare $14.00
    PGD-065 Gravekeeper's Chief Super Rare $4.60
    PGD-069 Mystical Knight of Jackal Ultra Rare $9.25
    PGD-078 Reaper on the Nightmare Super Rare $5.75
    PGD-082 Dark Room of Nightmare Super Rare $4.60
    PGD-084 Necrovalley Super Rare $5.50
    PGD-095 Barrel Behind the Door Super Rare $4.60
    PGD-099 Trap of Board Eraser Super Rare $5.00
    PGD-103 Byser Shock Ultra Rare $7.25
    PGD-104 Question Ultra Rare $6.25
    PGD-105 Rope of Life Ultra Rare $6.75
    PGD-106 Nightmare Wheel Ultra Rare $8.50
    PGD-107 Lava Golem Secret Rare $16.00

    POTD-EN003 Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin Super Rare $8.00
    POTD-EN003u Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin Ultimate Rare $9.75
    POTD-EN004 Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab Super Rare $6.50
    POTD-EN004u Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab Ultimate Rare $11.00
    POTD-EN005 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther Super Rare $8.50
    POTD-EN005u Neo-Spacian Dark Panther Ultimate Rare $13.50
    POTD-EN008u Submarineroid Ultimate Rare $9.00
    POTD-EN012 Destiny Hero - Double Dude Super Rare $10.00
    POTD-EN012u Destiny Hero - Double Dude Ultimate Rare $11.50
    POTD-EN014 Destiny Hero - Dogma Super Rare $7.50
    POTD-EN014u Destiny Hero - Dogma Ultimate Rare $13.50
    POTD-EN017u Destiny Hero - Dasher Ultimate Rare $10.50
    POTD-EN020 Ultimate Tyranno Super Rare $11.00
    POTD-EN020u Ultimate Tyranno Ultimate Rare $10.50
    POTD-EN027u Alien Warrior Ultimate Rare $9.00
    POTD-EN028u Alien Mother Ultimate Rare $9.50
    POTD-EN029u Cosmic Horror Gangi'el Ultimate Rare $9.50
    POTD-EN031 Elemental Hero Aqua Neos Ultra Rare $19.50
    POTD-EN031u Elemental Hero Aqua Neos Ultimate Rare $25.00
    POTD-EN032 Elemental Hero Flare Neos Ultra Rare $23.00
    POTD-EN032u Elemental Hero Flare Neos Ultimate Rare $30.00
    POTD-EN033 Elemental Hero Dark Neos Ultra Rare $20.00
    POTD-EN033u Elemental Hero Dark Neos Ultimate Rare $28.00
    POTD-EN034 Chimeratech Overdragon Ultra Rare $32.00
    POTD-EN034u Chimeratech Overdragon Ultimate Rare $39.00
    POTD-EN036 Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill Super Rare $7.25
    POTD-EN036u Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill Ultimate Rare $10.00
    POTD-EN039u Spell Calling Ultimate Rare $8.50
    POTD-EN042 Overload Fusion Rare $4.50
    POTD-EN042u Overload Fusion Ultimate Rare $12.50
    POTD-EN043u Cyclone Blade Ultimate Rare $7.50
    POTD-EN044 Future Fusion Rare $4.75
    POTD-EN044u Future Fusion Ultimate Rare $14.50
    POTD-EN046u Neo Space Ultimate Rare $8.00
    POTD-EN048u Dark City Ultimate Rare $8.50
    POTD-EN050u D - Chain Ultimate Rare $8.50
    POTD-EN056u Supercharge Ultimate Rare $10.00
    POTD-EN057u Cyber Summon Blaster Ultimate Rare $9.50

    PSV-000 Jinzo Secret Rare $25.00
    PSV-003 Parasite Paracide Super Rare $5.50
    PSV-006 Chain Destruction Ultra Rare $10.50
    PSV-008 Graverobber Super Rare $5.00
    PSV-011 Dust Tornado Super Rare $6.00
    PSV-012 Call of the Haunted Ultra Rare $13.00
    PSV-016 Mirror Wall Super Rare $6.00
    PSV-028 Backup Soldier Super Rare $6.00
    PSV-030 Ceasefire Ultra Rare $10.00
    PSV-033 Magical Hats Super Rare $5.75
    PSV-034 Nobleman of Crossout Super Rare $8.00
    PSV-037 Premature Burial Ultra Rare $14.00
    PSV-050 Buster Blader Ultra Rare $18.00
    PSV-063 Fairy Meteor Crush Super Rare $5.50
    PSV-064 Limiter Removal Super Rare $5.00
    PSV-076 The Legendary Fisherman Ultra Rare $9.00
    PSV-084 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Ultra Rare $12.00
    PSV-094 Goblin Attack Force Ultra Rare $12.00
    PSV-100 The Fiend Megacyber Ultra Rare $9.00
    PSV-101 Gearfried the Iron Knight Super Rare $5.50
    PSV-103 Beast of Talwar Ultra Rare $10.00
    PSV-104 Imperial Order Secret Rare $15.00

    RDS-EN005 The Creator Ultra Rare $17.50
    RDS-EN005u The Creator Ultimate Rare $19.00
    RDS-EN007u Ultimate Insect LV3 Ultimate Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN008 Mystic Swordsman LV6 Ultra Rare $20.00
    RDS-EN008u Mystic Swordsman LV6 Ultimate Rare $19.00
    RDS-EN009 Silent Swordsman LV3 Ultra Rare $16.00
    RDS-EN009u Silent Swordsman LV3 Ultimate Rare $21.00
    RDS-EN012 Perfect Machine King Ultra Rare $16.00
    RDS-EN012u Perfect Machine King Ultimate Rare $20.00
    RDS-EN016u Sasuke Samurai #4 Ultimate Rare $6.00
    RDS-EN021 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Super Rare $8.50
    RDS-EN021u Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Ultimate Rare $11.00
    RDS-EN028u Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective Ultimate Rare $6.00
    RDS-EN030 Big Core Super Rare $6.00
    RDS-EN030u Big Core Ultimate Rare $9.00
    RDS-EN031u Fusilier Dragon, The Dual-Mode Beast Ultimate Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN032 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive Rare $7.00
    RDS-EN032u Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive Ultimate Rare $13.25
    RDS-EN033u A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit Ultimate Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN035u Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Ultimate Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN037u Serial Spell Ultimate Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN039 Triangle Ecstasy Spark Super Rare $7.50
    RDS-EN039u Triangle Ecstasy Spark Ultimate Rare $10.50
    RDS-EN040u Necklace of Command Ultimate Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN041u Machine Duplication Ultimate Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN042u Flint Ultimate Rare $6.00
    RDS-EN045 Monster Reincarnation Super Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN045u Monster Reincarnation Ultimate Rare $12.00
    RDS-EN049 Tragedy Super Rare $7.00
    RDS-EN049u Tragedy Ultimate Rare $7.50
    RDS-EN050 Divine Wrath Super Rare $8.00
    RDS-EN050u Divine Wrath Ultimate Rare $10.00
    RDS-EN052u Rare Metalmorph Ultimate Rare $6.00
    RDS-EN056u Chain Burst Ultimate Rare $6.00
    RDS-EN057 Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Super Rare $6.00
    RDS-EN057u Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Ultimate Rare $11.00
    RDS-EN060u Covering Fire Ultimate Rare $6.00

    RDS-ENSE1 Diffusion Wave-Motion Ultra Rare $16.50
    RDS-ENSE2 Dark Magician Girl Ultra Rare $17.00
    RDS-ENSE3 Judgment of Anubis Ultra Rare $13.25
    RDS-ENSE4 Vampire Lord Ultra Rare $8.00

    ROD-EN001 Dark Magician Knight Parallel Rare $25.00
    ROD-EN002 Knight's Title Parallel Rare $12.00
    ROD-EN003 Sage Stone Parallel Rare $25.00

    SD01-EN001 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Fixed-Ultra Rare $6.00
    SD01-ENDE1 Armed Dragon LV7 Secret Rare $18.00
    SD02-EN001 Vampire Genesis Fixed-Ultra Rare $6.00
    SD02-ENDE1 Rope of Life Secret Rare $12.00
    SD03-EN001 Infernal Flame Emperor Fixed-Ultra Rare $6.50
    SD04-EN001 Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus Fixed-Ultra Rare $5.00
    SD05-EN001 Gilford the Legend Fixed-Ultra Rare $8.25
    SD06-EN001 Dark Eradicator Warlock Fixed-Ultra Rare $6.50
    SD07-EN001 Exxod, Master of The Guard Fixed-Ultra Rare $6.00
    SD08-EN001 Simorgh, Bird of Divinity Fixed-Ultra Rare $5.00
    SD09-EN001 Super Conductor Tyranno Fixed-Ultra Rare $6.00
    SD09-ENSSI Five-Headed Dragon Ultra Rare $17.50
    SD10-EN001 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon Fixed-Ultra Rare $7.00

    SDD-001 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior Secret Rare $25.00
    SDD-002 Sinister Serpent Secret Rare $18.00
    SDD-003 Harpies Feather Duster Secret Rare $29.00

    SDJ-001 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Fixed-Ultra Rare $8.25
    SDJ-022 Penguin Soldier Fixed-Super Rare $4.00
    SDJ-041 Scapegoat Fixed-Super Rare $5.00

    SDK-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Fixed-Ultra Rare $8.00
    SDK-041 Lord of D. Fixed-Super Rare $6.00
    SDK-042 The Flute of Summoning Dragon Fixed-Super Rare $4.50

    SDP-001 Relinquished Fixed-Ultra Rare $5.00
    SDP-040 Graceful Charity Fixed-Super Rare $4.00
    SDP-050 Gryphon Wing Fixed-Super Rare $4.00

    SDY-006 Dark Magician Fixed-Ultra Rare $7.50
    SDY-041 Soul Exchange Fixed-Super Rare $5.50
    SDY-042 Card Destruction Fixed-Super Rare $6.00

    SJC-EN001 Cyber-Stein Ultra Rare Big Bucks
    SJC-EN002 Des Volstgalph Ultra Rare Big Bucks
    SJC-EN003 Shrink Ultra Rare Big Bucks
    SJCS-EN004 Crush Card Virus Ultra Rare Big Bucks

    SKE-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Fixed-Super Rare $7.00
    SKE-015 Kaiser Sea Horse Fixed-Ultra Rare $5.00
    SKE-041 Shadow Spell Fixed-Super Rare $4.00

    SOD-EN001u Charcoal Inpachi Ultimate Rare $12.25
    SOD-EN005u Ultimate Insect LV1 Ultimate Rare $11.00
    SOD-EN006u Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 Ultimate Rare $8.00
    SOD-EN007 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 Super Rare $10.00
    SOD-EN007u Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 Ultimate Rare $18.75
    SOD-EN008 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 Ultra Rare $19.50
    SOD-EN008u Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 Ultimate Rare $25.00
    SOD-EN010u Dark Mimic LV3 Ultimate Rare $11.00
    SOD-EN011u Mystic Swordsman LV2 Ultimate Rare $12.50
    SOD-EN012 Mystic Swordsman LV4 Ultra Rare $17.00
    SOD-EN012u Mystic Swordsman LV4 Ultimate Rare $16.00
    SOD-EN014u Armed Dragon LV5 Ultimate Rare $12.25
    SOD-EN015 Armed Dragon LV7 Ultra Rare $20.00
    SOD-EN015u Armed Dragon LV7 Ultimate Rare $17.00
    SOD-EN019u Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Ultimate Rare $9.50
    SOD-EN020u Rafflesia Seduction Ultimate Rare $10.00
    SOD-EN022 Mobius the Frost Monarch Super Rare $11.00
    SOD-EN022u Mobius the Frost Monarch Ultimate Rare $18.00
    SOD-EN027u Mind on Air Ultimate Rare $11.25
    SOD-EN033 Penumbral Soldier Lady Super Rare $6.00
    SOD-EN033u Penumbral Soldier Lady Ultimate Rare $10.00
    SOD-EN034u Ojama King Ultimate Rare $13.25
    SOD-EN035u Master of Oz Ultimate Rare $14.00
    SOD-EN038u Hammer Shot Ultimate Rare $10.25
    SOD-EN042 Inferno Fire Blast Ultra Rare $16.00
    SOD-EN042u Inferno Fire Blast Ultimate Rare $16.00
    SOD-EN043 Ectoplasmer Super Rare $8.00
    SOD-EN043u Ectoplasmer Ultimate Rare $10.00
    SOD-EN051u Spirit Barrier Ultimate Rare $8.50
    SOD-EN053u Enervating Mist Ultimate Rare $10.25
    SOD-EN055 Greed Super Rare $5.00
    SOD-EN055u Greed Ultimate Rare $10.00
    SOD-EN057 Null and Void Super Rare $6.00
    SOD-EN057u Null and Void Ultimate Rare $9.00
    SOD-EN060 Hallowed Life Barrier Super Rare $6.00
    SOD-EN060u Hallowed Life Barrier Ultimate Rare $10.00

    SOI-EN001 Uria, Lord of Searing Flames Ultra Rare $26.00
    SOI-EN001u Uria, Lord of Searing Flames Ultimate Rare $24.00
    SOI-EN002 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder Ultra Rare $26.00
    SOI-EN002u Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder Ultimate Rare $29.00
    SOI-EN003 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms Ultra Rare $27.00
    SOI-EN003u Raviel, Lord of Phantasms Ultimate Rare $29.00
    SOI-EN006 Cyber Barrier Dragon Super Rare $10.50
    SOI-EN006u Cyber Barrier Dragon Ultimate Rare $13.50
    SOI-EN007 Cyber Laser Dragon Ultra Rare $22.00
    SOI-EN007u Cyber Laser Dragon Ultimate Rare $23.00
    SOI-EN010 Proto-Cyber Dragon Rare $5.00
    SOI-EN010u Proto-Cyber Dragon Ultimate Rare $15.25
    SOI-EN011u Adhesive Explosive Ultimate Rare $9.25
    SOI-EN013 B.E.S. Covered Core Super Rare $5.75
    SOI-EN013u B.E.S. Covered Core Ultimate Rare $10.25
    SOI-EN021u Chainsaw Insect Ultimate Rare $10.75
    SOI-EN024u Doom Dozer Ultimate Rare $11.00
    SOI-EN025 Treeborn Frog Rare $5.00
    SOI-EN025u Treeborn Frog Ultimate Rare $15.75
    SOI-EN027u Princess Pikeru Ultimate Rare $10.50
    SOI-EN028u Princess Curran Ultimate Rare $10.50
    SOI-EN029u Memory Crusher Ultimate Rare $10.50
    SOI-EN033 Divine Dragon - Excelion Super Rare $10.25
    SOI-EN033u Divine Dragon - Excelion Ultimate Rare $14.50
    SOI-EN034 Ruin, Queen of Oblivion Super Rare $9.50
    SOI-EN034u Ruin, Queen of Oblivion Ultimate Rare $15.00
    SOI-EN035 Demise, King of Armageddon Super Rare $9.00
    SOI-EN035u Demise, King of Armageddon Ultimate Rare $15.00
    SOI-EN041u Phantasmal Martyrs Ultimate Rare $10.00
    SOI-EN042u Cyclone Boomerang Ultimate Rare $8.00
    SOI-EN047 Ancient Gear Castle Super Rare $8.00
    SOI-EN047u Ancient Gear Castle Ultimate Rare $12.00
    SOI-EN052 Damage Condenser Super Rare $7.75
    SOI-EN052u Damage Condenser Ultimate Rare $10.00
    SOI-EN053u Karma Cut Ultimate Rare $10.00
    SOI-EN058u Option Hunter Ultimate Rare $8.50
    SOI-EN059u Goblin Out of the Frying Pan Ultimate Rare $7.50
    SOI-EN060u Malfunction Ultimate Rare $10.50

    SOI-ENSE1 Acid Trap Hole Parallel Rare $10.00
    SOI-ENSE2 Riryoku Parallel Rare $8.50
    SOI-ENSE3 Windstorm of Etaqua Parallel Rare $7.50
    SOI-ENSE4 Mesmeric Control Parallel Rare $5.00

    SP1-EN001 Cyber Harpie Lady Ultra Rare $10.00
    SP1-EN002 Amazoness Chain-Master Ultra Rare $13.50
    SP1-EN003 Emobidment of Apophis Ultra Rare $15.00
    SP1-EN004 Exchange of the Spirit Ultra Rare $15.00
    SP2-EN001 Ancient Lamp Ultra Rare $9.00
    SP2-EN002 Toon Dark Magician Girl Ultra Rare $12.50
    SP2-EN003 Hidden Soldiers Ultra Rare $15.00
    SP2-EN004 Justi-Break Ultra Rare $12.00

    STON-EN000 Grandmaster of the Six Samurai Secret Rare $30.00
    STON-EN001 Gene-Warped Warwolf Super Rare $9.25
    STON-EN001u Gene-Warped Warwolf Ultimate Rare $18.00
    STON-EN002u Frostosaurus Ultimate Rare $10.00
    STON-EN003u Spiral Serpent Ultimate Rare $9.00
    STON-EN004 Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird Super Rare $10.00
    STON-EN004u Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird Ultimate Rare $17.00
    STON-EN005 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Rare $5.00
    STON-EN005u Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Ultimate Rare $19.00
    STON-EN013 Great Shogun Shien Super Rare $10.00
    STON-EN013u Great Shogun Shien Ultimate Rare $16.50
    STON-EN015u Sage of Silence Ultimate Rare $8.50
    STON-EN017 Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World Ultra Rare $18.00
    STON-EN017u Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World Ultimate Rare $21.00
    STON-EN020u Fusion Devourer Ultimate Rare $8.00
    STON-EN024u D.D. Crow Ultimate Rare $13.00
    STON-EN034 Elemental Hero Air Neos Ultra Rare $22.00
    STON-EN034u Elemental Hero Air Neos Ultimate Rare $23.00
    STON-EN035 Elemental Hero Grand Neos Ultra Rare $19.00
    STON-EN035u Elemental Hero Grand Neos Ultimate Rare $19.50
    STON-EN036 Elemental Hero Glow Neos Ultra Rare $19.00
    STON-EN036u Elemental Hero Glow Neos Ultimate Rare $23.00
    STON-EN037u Ancient Rules Ultimate Rare $10.50
    STON-EN038 Dark World Dealings Super Rare $9.00
    STON-EN038u Dark World Dealings Ultimate Rare $17.00
    STON-EN039u Neos Force Ultimate Rare $9.00
    STON-EN042u Twister Ultimate Rare $10.00
    STON-EN046 Card Trader Super Rare $11.50
    STON-EN046u Card Trader Ultimate Rare $17.00
    STON-EN048 Skyscraper 2 - Hero City Super Rare $9.00
    STON-EN048u Skyscraper 2 - Hero City Ultimate Rare $14.00
    STON-EN050u Hero Medal Ultimate Rare $9.00
    STON-EN052u Eliminating the League Ultimate Rare $8.00
    STON-EN054u The Transmigration Prophecy Ultimate Rare $10.00
    STON-EN057 Birthright Super Rare $7.25
    STON-EN057u Birthright Ultimate Rare $15.50
    STON-EN059u Cloak and Dagger Ultimate Rare $8.50
    STON-EN060u Pulling the Rug Ultimate Rare $10.50
    STON-EN061 Neo-Parshath, The Sky Paladin Secret Rare $30.00
    STON-EN062 Meltiel, Sage of the Sky Secret Rare $30.00
    STON-EN063 Harvest Angel of Wisdom Secret Rare $30.00
    STON-EN064 Freya, Spirit of Victory Secret Rare $30.00
    STON-EN065 Nova Summoner Secret Rare $30.00
    STON-EN066 Radiant Jeral Secret Rare $30.00
    STON-EN067 Gellenduo Secret Rare $30.00
    STON-EN068 Aegis of Gaia Secret Rare $30.00

    STON-ENSE1 Cyber End Dragon Super Rare $12.50
    STON-ENSE2 Shrink Super Rare $5.00
    STON-ENSP1 Grandmaster of the Six Samurai Super Rare $12.50

    SYE-001 Dark Magician Fixed-Super Rare $5.00
    SYE-024 Black Luster Soldier Fixed-Ultra Rare $7.25
    SYE-025 Black Luster Ritual Fixed-Super Rare $4.00

    TFK-001 Zoa Parallel Rare $13.00
    TFK-002 MetalZoa Parallel Rare $16.00
    TFK-003 Goblin Fan Parallel Rare $7.00

    TLM-EN005 Winged Kuriboh Super Rare $8.00
    TLM-EN005u Winged Kuriboh Ultimate Rare $17.75
    TLM-EN006 Ancient Gear Golem Ultra Rare $16.00
    TLM-EN006u Ancient Gear Golem Ultimate Rare $20.00
    TLM-EN007u Ancient Gear Beast Ultimate Rare $10.00
    TLM-EN009u Millennium Scorpion Ultimate Rare $8.00
    TLM-EN010 Ultimate Insect LV7 Super Rare $8.00
    TLM-EN010u Ultimate Insect LV7 Ultimate Rare $12.00
    TLM-EN012 Hieracosphinx Super Rare $6.00
    TLM-EN012u Hieracosphinx Ultimate Rare $11.00
    TLM-EN013u Criosphinx Ultimate Rare $12.00
    TLM-EN015 Megarock Dragon Super Rare $8.00
    TLM-EN015u Megarock Dragon Ultimate Rare $11.00
    TLM-EN017u Grave Ohja Ultimate Rare $12.50
    TLM-EN020 Master Monk Super Rare $6.00
    TLM-EN020u Master Monk Ultimate Rare $10.00
    TLM-EN023u D.D. Survivor Ultimate Rare $14.00
    TLM-EN024u Mid Shield Gardna Ultimate Rare $13.00
    TLM-EN033 Reshef The Dark Being Ultra Rare $16.00
    TLM-EN033u Reshef The Dark Being Ultimate Rare $17.75
    TLM-EN034u Elemental Mistress Doriado Ultimate Rare $14.00
    TLM-EN035 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Ultra Rare $20.00
    TLM-EN035u Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Ultimate Rare $25.00
    TLM-EN036 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Ultra Rare $15.00
    TLM-EN036u Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Ultimate Rare $19.00
    TLM-EN037 Card of Sanctity Super Rare $5.50
    TLM-EN037u Card of Sanctity Ultimate Rare $10.00
    TLM-EN038 Brain Control Super Rare $13.75
    TLM-EN038u Brain Control Ultimate Rare $17.75
    TLM-EN045u Legendary Black Belt Ultimate Rare $8.00
    TLM-EN046u Nitro Unit Ultimate Rare $11.00
    TLM-EN049u Hero Signal Ultimate Rare $10.00
    TLM-EN052u Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button Ultimate Rare $8.00
    TLM-EN057u Token Feastevil Ultimate Rare $8.00
    TLM-EN058u Spell-Stopping Statute Ultimate Rare $9.00
    TLM-EN059u Royal Surrender Ultimate Rare $9.00

    TLM-ENSE1 Invader of Darkness Ultra Rare $16.00
    TLM-ENSE2 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Ultra Rare $11.00
    TLM-ENSE3 Mazera DeVille Ultra Rare $9.00
    TLM-ENSE4 The End of Anubis Ultra Rare $11.50

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Canceled user

Subject: T thru Z Pricing   PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 7:52 am Reply with quote

    TP1-001 Mechanicalchaser Ultra Rare $165.00
    TP1-002 Axe Raider Super Rare $57.00
    TP1-003 Kwagar Hercules Super Rare $42.00
    TP1-004 Patrol Robo Super Rare $40.00
    TP1-005 White Hole Super Rare $66.00
    TP1-006 Elf's Light Rare $21.00
    TP1-007 Steel Shell Rare $21.00
    TP1-008 Blue Medicine Rare $11.50
    TP1-009 Raimei Rare $22.00
    TP1-010 Burning Spear Rare $16.00
    TP1-011 Gust Fan Rare $20.00
    TP1-012 Tiger Axe Rare $22.00
    TP1-013 Goddess with the Third Eye Rare $31.00
    TP1-014 Beastking of the Swamps Rare $25.00
    TP1-015 Versago the Destroyer Rare $34.00
    TP2-001 Morphing Jar Ultra Rare $155.00
    TP2-002 Dragon Seeker Super Rare $42.00
    TP2-003 Giant Red Seasnake Super Rare $40.00
    TP2-004 Exile of the Wicked Super Rare $37.00
    TP2-005 Call of the Grave Super Rare $37.00
    TP2-006 Mikazukinoyaiba Rare $25.00
    TP2-007 Skull Guardian Rare $19.50
    TP2-008 Novox's Prayer Rare $14.50
    TP2-009 Dokurorider Rare $17.00
    TP2-010 Revival of Dokurorider Rare $12.00
    TP2-011 Beautiful Headhuntress Rare $12.50
    TP2-012 Sonic Maid Rare $15.00
    TP2-013 Mystical Sheep #1 Rare $15.00
    TP2-014 Warrior of Tradition Rare $13.50
    TP2-015 Soul of the Pure Rare $11.00
    TP3-001 Needle Worm Ultra Rare $160.00
    TP3-002 Anti Raigeki Super Rare $42.00
    TP3-003 Mechanicalchaser Super Rare $64.00
    TP3-004 B. Skull Dragon Super Rare $31.00
    TP3-005 Horn of Heaven Super Rare $29.00
    TP3-006 Axe Raider Rare $11.00
    TP3-007 Kwagar Hercules Rare $8.00
    TP3-008 Patrol Robo Rare $10.00
    TP3-009 White Hole Rare $11.00
    TP4-001 Royal Decree Ultra Rare $145.00
    TP4-002 Morphing Jar Super Rare $79.00
    TP4-003 Megamorph Super Rare $22.00
    TP4-004 Chain Destruction Super Rare $15.00
    TP4-005 The Fiend Megacyber Super Rare $22.00
    TP4-006 Dragon Seeker Rare $9.50
    TP4-007 Giant Red Seasnake Rare $9.00
    TP4-008 Exile of the Wicked Rare $10.50
    TP4-009 Call of the Grave Rare $8.50
    TP5-EN001 Luminous Soldier Ultra Rare $75.00
    TP5-EN002 Big Shield Gardna Super Rare $19.00
    TP5-EN003 Magical Thorn Super Rare $34.00
    TP5-EN004 Luster Dragon Super Rare $28.00
    TP5-EN005 Needle Worm Super Rare $55.00
    TP5-EN006 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Rare $9.50
    TP5-EN007 Bazoo the Soul-Eater Rare $5.00
    TP5-EN008 Book of Life Rare $6.00
    TP5-EN009 Trap of Board Eraser Rare $4.50
    TP6-EN001 Toon Cannon Soldier Ultra Rare $70.00
    TP6-EN002 Toon Table Of Contents Super Rare $24.00
    TP6-EN003 Fusion Sage Super Rare $21.00
    TP6-EN004 Royal Decree Super Rare $34.00
    TP6-EN005 Restructer Revolution Super Rare $20.00
    TP6-EN006 Spear Dragon Rare $7.25
    TP6-EN007 Airknight Parshath Rare $12.00
    TP6-EN008 Susa Soldier Rare $6.50
    TP6-EN009 Yamata Dragon Rare $5.00
    TP7-EN001 D.D. Warrior Ultra Rare $160.00
    TP7-EN002 Warrior Elimination Super Rare $29.00
    TP7-EN003 Fortress Whale Super Rare $23.00
    TP7-EN004 Luminous Soldier Super Rare $25.00
    TP7-EN005 Breaker the Magical Warrior Super Rare $26.00
    TP7-EN006 Goblin Attack Force Rare $5.50
    TP7-EN007 Amazoness Swords Woman Rare $8.00
    TP7-EN008 Chaos Command Magician Rare $7.25
    TP7-EN009 Scapegoat Rare $5.75
    TP8-EN001 Magical Arm Shield Ultra Rare $62.00
    TP8-EN002 Harpie's Feather Duster Super Rare $27.00
    TP8-EN003 Slate Warrior Super Rare $23.00
    TP8-EN004 Dunames Dark Witch Super Rare $17.00
    TP8-EN005 Garma Sword Super Rare $14.00
    TP8-EN006 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Rare $11.00
    TP8-EN007 Granmarg the Rock Monarch Rare $5.50
    TP8-EN008 Mobius the Frost Monarch Rare $9.00
    TP8-EN009 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Rare $5.50

    TSC-001 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth Parallel Rare $25.00
    TSC-002 Riryoku Parallel Rare $12.00
    TSC-003 Negate Attack Parallel Rare $25.00

    UBP1-EN001 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Secret Rare $16.00
    UBP1-EN002 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Secret Rare $16.00
    UBP1-EN003 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Secret Rare $16.00
    UBP1-EN004 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Secret Rare $16.00
    UBP1-EN005 Exodia the Forbidden One Secret Rare $22.50

    UE02-EN001 Dragon Master Knight Ultra Rare $20.00

    VB5-003 Barrel Dragon Secret Rare $6.00
    WC4-001 Fairy King Truesdale Secret Rare $8.50
    WC4-002 Kinetic Soldier Secret Rare $16.00
    WC4-003 Slate Warrior Secret Rare $18.00
    WC5-EN001 Silent Swordsman LV7 Ultra Rare $23.00
    WC5-EN002 Kaibaman Super Rare $13.00
    WC5-EN003 Mind Control Super Rare $7.50
    WC6-EN001 Golden Homunculus Super Rare $15.00
    WC6-EN002 Helios - The Primordial Sun Super Rare $16.50
    WC6-EN003 Helios Duo Megistus Super Rare $18.00
    WC7-EN001 Spell Stricker Super Rare $14.50
    WC7-EN002 Exploder Dragon Super Rare $16.75
    WC7-EN003 Destiny Hero - Disk Commander Super Rare $18.00

    WCPS-AE603 Seiyaryu Ultra Rare Big Bucks
    WCPS-EN601 Testament of the Arcane Lords Ultra Rare Big Bucks
    WCPS-EN602 Armament of the Lethal Lords Ultra Rare Big Bucks

    WCS-001 Kanan the Swordmistress Super Rare $115.00
    WCS-AE403 Sengenjin Super Rare $17.50
    WCS-AE503 Firewing Pegasus Super Rare $380.00
    WCS-EN401 Ulevo Super Rare $0.00
    WCS-EN402 Meteo the Matchless Super Rare $0.00
    WCS-EN403 Sengenjin Super Rare $17.50
    WCS-EN501 King of Destruction - Xexex Ultra Rare $0.00
    WCS-EN502 Queen of Fate - Eternia Ultra Rare $0.00

    YMA-EN001 Slifer the Sky Dragon Secret Rare $28.00

    YSD-EN019 Elemental Hero Bladedge Fixed-Ultra Rare $7.00

    YSD-ENSE1 Elemental Hero Sparkman Ultra Rare $14.00

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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 4:40 pm Reply with quote

In an effort to better explain what "Scrye" is for those that do not know, I am posting the following information directly from the Scrye Price Guide.

1. Scrye is the most accurate and current source of game card prices. This price guide is designed to address the needs of both the novice and avid collector.

2. The prices in the guide have been obtained from regional retail outlets across the country to give you the most accurate picture of the current markets trends, and to give you an idea of current national selling prices.

3. Scrye listings are to be used only as a guide. (Much like the listing here)
Prices herein do not represent an offer to buy or sell by the staff or any support retailer. The Scrye Guide indicates what price stores around the country are selling collectible cards for, NOT what a reader could sell cards to a store for. Stores, in general, pay less than half the price of what they can sell a card for, and many do not buy in-print single cards at all.

Here is a sample list of a few stores that report prices to Scrye that are used to develop the price guide with. The stores listed here are not the only stores that report prices, nor does every store report prices every month. In other words, different stores may report prices in different months which will add to the varying prices of cards each month.

Pirates and Ninjas

Kings Comics and Card Shop
Gator Games

Quest Comic Shops

Walt's Cards

Collector's Corner

New Hampshire
Myriad Games

New York
Golden Memories

Wild Things Games

Red Dragon Games

TAG, Ltd.

Alberta, Canada
Gamers Lair

British Columbia, Canada
Skyhaven Games

Lastly, and this is IMPORTANT folks!!!
The prices reflected here are MEDIAN PRICES!
This means that if one store is selling a card for $2.00 and another store is selling that same card for $6.00, then the median price reported for the card is $4.00. So that is why this listing is a guide only! Yes you will find cards cheaper or more expensive than listed here. It all depends on the store and the location.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions about this price guide that is here to GUIDE you in conducting fair trades.

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