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Index II & Railgun Trial Deck

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Index II & Railgun Trial Deck: 19 cards
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ID-W13-T09 "Fortis931" Stiyl Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T05 "Multi-Spy" Tsuchimikado Character  TD  search
ID-W13-104 "Science and Magic" Touma & Index Character  TD  search
ID-W13-103 Accelerator, No.1 of the Academy City Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T01 Accelerator, Strongest Esper Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T04 Awaki Musujime Character  TD  search
ID-W13-101 Index, Living in the Academy City Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T10 Index, Parasite of the Touma Household Character  TD  search
ID-W13-102 Index, Winter Present Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T12 Kanzaki, Former Amakusa Catholics Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T06 Kuroko, Dutiful 7th Grader Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T03 Last Order, Sisters' Controller Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T11 Laura Stuart Character  TD  search
ID-W13-105 Mikoto, Untrue to Heart Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T13 Ouma Yamisaka Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T02 Unlucky Touma Character  TD  search
ID-W13-T07 Imagine Breaker Climax  TD  search
ID-W13-T08 Strongest Man in the Academy City Climax  TD  search
ID-W13-T14 The Girl Who Eats a Lot Climax  TD  search

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